View From the Bunker: Black Knight Decoded and/or Debunked.

Here is a new episode of View From the Bunker in which Mr. Derek Gilbert invited me into his humble bunker to discuss the Black Knight satellite. After making it through the security checkpoint of Sam T. Dachsund and his crack team of stealth-armadillos, I was admitted into the secret facility.  The box of Krispy Kremes I was bearing was obviously the right security code.

Once inside, I was met with an intense security scan and after I was deemed safe, Mr. Gilbert and I had quite a discussion about the satellite.  We touch on a few things not in the blog, so check it out.

For those who can endure more of me, here’s links to my previous appearances on like flint radio. I really am not plugging myself, because I don’t like listening to myself, but when I listen to podcasts, I like to hear more, so if you like, check out Like Flint Radio. Actually, the episodes not featuring me, are the best. 😉