The Ica Stones – Dinosaurs, Man and Advanced Technology in Peru

Another hard day at Mr. Slate’s rock quarry.

The Ica Stones are not one of the biggest or deepest claims of ancient alien/high technology out there, but apparently ancient alienites (including aliens vs dinos proponents) and Atlantisites hold these stones as evidence of something unusual in earth’s past. I once thought they were authentic proof of an awesome, but forgot era of earth’s past, perhaps giving us a clue as to what historians had omitted. But I’d never thought too much about them.

The Ica stones depict humans and dinosaurs frolicking together like the first ancient attempt at the Flintstones. In addition to depicting dinosaurs, the Ica stones are said to show advanced technology in ancient times and that the stones were created using technology that shouldn’t have existed when they were allegedly crafted in the ancient past. A time that no one can really pinpoint. Like the time of Ator. This link has a breakdown of pretty much anyone who’s ever written about the stones and what their viewpoint was.

First, no one wants evidence of human dinosaur-interaction more than me. The little boy in me wants to believe it happened, and maybe could still – and does – still happen. Cryptozoologists never run out of dinosaur candidates hidden in the wild.  As a Christian, I desperately want to know how the dinosaurs fit in to the biblical worldview and narrative, if they do at all. It’s certainly not a critical issue, but it really bugs me, on an intellectual level. It’s a puzzle I’m interested in, to be sure. I certainly don’t think finding living dinosaurs would prove the Bible though, because people would find other explanations to answer the why’s and wherefores of such a coexistence. I don’t suffer any delusions that finding the coelocanth brought any evolutionists to Christ, and finding living dinosaurs or proof of our interactions with humans won’t either.

Dinosaurs are tricky beasts though. Science tells us there haven’t been any for millions of years, but at the same time, dinosaur bones have been found with preserved soft organic tissue within. Something that should not be possible if they were truly millions of years old.

This back and forth between views, and the fact that none of really knows 100% for sure what happened is what makes the Ica stones attractive to Christians, cranks and Christian cranks – they could solve some problems if they were legitimate. Unfortunately, no one has been able to prove what ancient context the stones arose from, and so they really aren’t the smoking gun that can turn the established theories and science.

This is especially true when you consider that the farmer (Basilio Uschuya) who claimed to have found the stones in a cave, the farmer who kept “excavating” the stones to provide them to an interested buyer – admitted that he forged them, and even made some on demand.

“Added to this is the admission of Basilio Uschuya to both the Erik Van Danikin and Peruvian authorities that he forged the stones, going as far to explain how he did it and producing one on the spot to prove his innocence (Ross 2007, Carroll 2002). Apparently, a dentist drill will carve anything, and the patina can be faked by either baking the stones in cow dung, or leaving them for a time in the Chicken coup (Ica N.d.). He chose his subjects from illustrations in comic books, school books, and magazines (Carroll 2002, Polidoro 2002, Ross 2007, Feder 2010). He also said that he had not made all the stones, and continued to sell similar stones to tourists as trinkets after the inquiry by the Peruvian government (Ica N.d., Feder 2010). “


Given this admitted forgery and lack of a site of origin that can be examined and excavated, it’s safe to say the Ica stones are not evidence of human-dino interaction or ancient high technology. They are just another in a long line of bovine excrement masquerading as revolutionary evidence.

Bovine excrement is particularly adept, because Uschuya used some to bake the stones in to make them appear older after he crafted the stones.

So until some stones of similar type are found within an archaeological context (that is, amongst real cultural artifacts and sites that can be studied) the Ica stones are just a clever forgery that was admitted long ago.