The Frank Johnson Planet X Challenge

Do you think you can win $500? Then read on…

Despite having thoroughly debunked every Planet X theory imaginable (with much help from linked source material), people still think Planet X/Nibiru, etc. is on its way. Or out there. Even after I send them the link debunking it. That’s fine, you don’t have to agree with me, but you should at least review all of the evidence that I present and make an intelligent and informed decision. If I’ve been deficient on any point, let me know in the Ancient Aliens Debunked Facebook group exactly where, and what source debunks me.

There’s really nothing else I can provide to debunk Planet X, and I can only expect that people will keep tweaking the theory and moving the goalpost. So, in addition to my debunking and that of others, I do have one last thing to add to the story of Planet X. The Frank Johnson Planet X Challenge.

Since there is ample evidence to demonstrate that Nibiru is likely not out there, and definitely not on its way to destroy us (in addition to never having been here in the inner solar system before) the ball is in the court of you Planet X believers. So, I offer you this challenge.

Prove that Planet X* exists.

Here’s how you can prove it. This guide for proving a discovered comet can help establish guidelines. Especially since Nemesis should be on a similar, elliptical orbit. Read through that, because it’s more specific and if you meet those specifics in regards to Planet X/Nibiru, let’s talk. If you can use those criteria and/or the ones below to prove you’ve observed Planet X, you win.

Here’s what you Planet X’ers need to provide to refute my blog post and prove its existence in more simple terms:

  1. Prove what you’ve discovered/photographed is not a “ghost object”. If it’s a real object out there that you’ve observed, this should be self evident. There are many photos of “something near the sun” that are typically either an image artifact or a sundog. You have to prove it’s not one of those type of things.
  2. Observe and document the object’s motion. If it is Planet X, it will move like the other planets in our system and you can document this motion. It can’t magically disappear or move randomly.
  3. Record its position on the nights observed and the time. Doing 2 and 3 will help others use your data to predict where Planet X can be observed in the sky and will help establish an orbit. Only multiple observations of the same object will be accepted.
  4. A good description of the object.
  5. Reasonable contact information (Full name, phone, email) and location of observation. (Country, City, State)
  6. In addition to the above, if you can chart the orbits of the other easily observed planets in our system (Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus) AND prove that their orbits are being disturbed/that the planets are not in the orbits they should be, that will be “partial credit”, or possibly full credit if it leads directly to Planet X’s discovery. For example if predicted orbits of Mars indicate it will be at a certain point in the sky on a certain date, and if said planet is not there or has deviated, this will suggest it has been disturbed by Planet X. This will help prove there is a large planet entering our system that wasn’t there before.

The first person that can observe and give adequate evidence as outlined above for Planet X/7X/Nibiru/Nemesis using the same methods as discovering a comet (a much smaller object, mind you) will win $500. You also get bragging rights and I will publicly declare that you are right on this blog and on the Like Flint Radio Podcast. Observations must be reported to the Ancient Aliens Debunked Facebook Group as comments are not monitored here, nor do I accept emails. The sighting of Nibiru/Planet X must be verified by other independent observations and I will also attempt to get the help of Dr. Stuart Robbins or another astronomer who is willing to help. Don’t worry, if what you’ve found is real and if it’s coming, it shouldn’t take you long to prove.

Good Luck!





*not the recently theorized object known as Planet 9 out in the Oort cloud or Kuiper Belt.