Prelude to Planet X

We all know that “THEY” at NASA cannot be trusted to warn us if Planet X is on the way or not. We all know that someone who’s name rhymes with Sheev Whale and a whole cast of characters say its on the way, though I have not found any those claims convincing, I am willing to have an open mind about it. Many claim it is on the way right now and may even be in our solar system now. Some people are even claiming to take pictures of it.

But if any of this was true, any amateur astronomer should be able to observe the approach of Planet X by seeing how it’s approach affects the orbits of the other planets in the solar system. Like in this video. Because, if Planet X is real, then it is made of matter. If it’s made of matter, it has mass and many have claimed it has an incredible amount of mass. So if it has mass, especially enough to make a planet, it will affect spacetime, and if it affects spacetime by moving towards us, the other planets will move from their orbits. And if the planets move from their orbits, anyone who can observe them would be able to witness this first hand.

To help everyone keep tabs on the approach of Planet X, I have decided to do my part, and volunteer to keep track of the orbits of our solar system to ensure that if the planets go astray, someone who is not in the establishment will tell you about it. I can assure you, I have no ties to any nefarious organization trying to control the masses, in fact, I can barely make enough money to pay my bills.

So if you want someone to keep tabs on the planetary orbits within our system, I need your help. I will do this daring deed, but I want you to partner with me. If you want me to watch, I need a telescope. Any of these 3 telescopes, in fact. For a mere (approximate) $600, you can provide me with enough money to be a watchman on the wall to warn you all of the approach of Planet Nibiru. And I can guarantee you that NASA will not buy me off.

If you want to help me, help you keep an eye out for Planet X, hit the donate button and contribute whatever you would like, just flag it as “Telescope for Frank” and email Chris White to let him know about it so he can disperse the funds to me. Then, I can keep an eye out on this planetary monstrosity for you! If you can’t donate, well, we have ads. You know what to do with those 😉 .

But that’s not all! I will also use this telescope to take pictures of our solar system and display them here. So you will also get some perdy pictures for your contribution.

Please only donate if you think Planet X is real and on its way here.