Our Wacky Solar System: Planet X and the Theories That Love Him

Sneaking up on Earth any day now

Is it out there? Planet X? Nibiru, or any of a dozen other names?

Science has sought it out for more than a century. Dozens have claimed that it’s coming towards Earth. Yet, where is it?

Over the past several decades, Planet X has been promised to be in the far reaches of our system or scheduled to come towards Earth. Yet, every time it was supposed to appear, it has failed to do so. But like a bad horror movie cliché, the threat of Planet X is bound to rise again, and people will likely claim it’s headed in any day to wreak havoc upon the solar system. Is this because it is there? If it is, where is it?

If it is out there, and if it is coming, it should be easy to observe.

Planet X is many things to many people, people of Science have sought it out, researchers have claimed to have discovered its secrets and some even think Planet X is in the Bible.

Planet X, the world big enough for everybody!


Planet X

What is Planet X? First, there really are two kinds of Planet X. The mainstream kind, and the kind out there on the fringe. Since the real one is quite straightforward, that’s the best place to start. But first, queue this excellent atmospheric music based off of NASA’s space sounds.

In human observational astronomy, Neptune, Pluto, and to an extent, Uranus, are kind of Johnny-come-latelys, and even then, not much could be known for sure about them until Earth probes and better telescopes could peep them out. Because of this, people believed some funny things were going on out there on the edge of the solar system, like, another large planet was thought to be out there, just a bit further, causing disturbances in the orbits of Neptune and such. The undiscovered Planet X (Planet X, as in “unknown”) was thought to be at fault. Percival Lowell suspected the presence of X was affecting the orbits of those outlier worlds, but nothing was found. Thus, the first search for Planet X did not bear fruit, which is not unexpected due to the technology of the early 20th century.

Though Lowell did not find Planet X, and sometimes gets some flak for this and the canals on Mars, he actually was a pioneer in astronomy doing the best he could with what was available, and his contributions were invaluable. He observed and photographed the night sky and discovered a wide variety of solar system objects.

“On the nearly 1000 plates exposed…were 515 asteroids, 700 variable stars and 2 images of Pluto!”

Despite Lowell’s failures and discoveries, the search for the cause of the orbital perturbations affecting Neptune would have to be discovered by someone else another day.

The idea of Planet X persisted as people searched for it, and continued into the 1980’s with the hypothetical binary twin to our sun, “Nemesis“. Nemesis would potentially have been a brown dwarf planet on a wild orbit in our system, and the Nemesis theory was sort of similar to the Nibiru scenario, minus the aliens, and it originally was proposed to explain an extinction phenomenon on Earth that actually wasn’t occurring.

“In the 1980s, a different companion to the sun was hypothesized. That object, named for the Greek goddess “Nemesis,” was proposed to explain periodic mass extinctions on the Earth. Nemesis would have followed a highly elliptical orbit, perturbing comets in the Oort Cloud roughly every 26 million years and sending a shower of comets toward the inner solar system. Some of these comets would have slammed into Earth, causing catastrophic results to life. Recent scientific analysis no longer supports the idea that extinctions on Earth happen at regular, repeating intervals. Thus, the Nemesis hypothesis is no longer needed.”

With the Nemesis theory discarded, the hypothetical brown dwarf star companion to Sol (our system) was dubbed Tyche. Tyche was thought to exist in a stable, circular orbit somewhere within the Oort Cloud where comets such as the infamous Hale-Bopp are thought to originate. This seems somewhat likely, given that there are a large percentage of binary stars out there (ranging from 40%80%, depending on the type of star system and those reporting the data) and many believe Sol is such a system. This link explores the idea in addition to a couple things previously mentioned.

Given these odds, one would expect that NASA would have found the sun’s binary companion. Some claim that NASA has, and often cite this Washington Post article as proof a nearby brown dwarf was found, usually in tandem with the word “cover-up”. The basic and most common claim was that NASA had spotted another planet, possibly a brown dwarf, with their IRAS survey in the 80’s, and has kept it under wraps since. If this article were the only mention of the discovery, the case for Tyche or other Planet X could be pretty convincing. However, there was further investigation into this exact discovery of IRAS, and (un)fortunately no planet or brown dwarf star was actually there. Further investigation revealed that the object that was detected turned out to be gas clouds or distant galaxies.

Even after a few decades worth of sky searching, Tyche has not been detected, nor has any other brown dwarf in our solar system. And there is not likely to be such a discovery ever, as NASA’s WISE has not detected it in recent surveys. And it should have been found if it were there because WISE is capable of finding such objects, and we can detect brown dwarfs around other stars, so presumably finding them within our own backyard should be a cakewalk. Any potential brown dwarf in our system that has been reported on has been subject to follow up observations that found the object to be something else. There just has not been any discovered.

In the very unlikely event that there is a brown dwarf out there, it poses no threat to Earth due to its presumed stable orbit and extreme distance from Earth. The best modern technology has not found such star and old observations have later proved to be something else. Even this new theory that suggests there are more actual planets past Neptune 1) puts them in a stable orbit far away from Earth, 2) does not suggest they are brown dwarf stars and 3) is not conclusive and needs far more study. So for now, old observations will have to do.

Speaking of old observations, remember those “orbital perturbations” affecting Neptune and Pluto’s orbits? That orbital oddity once thought to be caused by a planet was actually a miscalculation. Original observations of the outlier planets were more accurately measured by Voyager 2, and Voyager 2 had discovered that this disturbance was actually a miscalculation of Neptune’s planetary mass.

In short, the plausible sort of Planet X can be safely said not to exist, for all practical purposes. Any conventional planets beyond Neptune have yet to be found. There are no brown dwarfs within our solar system, and no binary companion to the sun. Even if there were, it’s more than 10,000 – 26,000 AU away from Earth and would take a very, very long time to get here.

“As of March 2014, observations with the WISE telescope have ruled out the possibility of a Saturn-sized object out to 10,000 astronomical units (AU), and a Jupiter-sized or larger object out to 26,000 AU…Today, most astronomers agree that Planet X, as Lowell defined it, does not exist.”

As if that wasn’t enough information for you, go here. The article/podcast gives a brief overview of planetary astronomy and a possible Planet X back all the way back to the 1700s. The newly posited Planet 9, while possible as a non-dangerous outlier world, is far from a certainty.

Collision Course: Journey to the Fringe: Planet X: 2.0

From there, things start to move in a different direction. Namely the Planet X that could destroy or pose a threat to earth, and only certain people can seem to find. The Planet X also known as Nibiru, Wormwood, Nemesis (addressed earlier) or a host of other names. The Planet X often used to stir people into an apocalyptic fervor every so often. Usually to sell a lot of books, and I should know, because I almost bought some of them and was trying to figure out how a Nibiruorbit would work while I was in Astronomy 101 in college.

The pioneer in bringing this concept to the public at large, even beating the mainstream Nemesis theory, is indisputably Zechariah Sitchin. Sitchin’s Planet X was supposedly home to the Annunaki aliens and had a roughly 3,600 year elliptical orbit which brought Nibiru into our part of the solar system allowing the Annunaki to travel to earth. This theory was based, incorrectly, on his “translations” of Sumerian tablets. Key word there is incorrect. If memory serves, Sitchin was less concerned with the disaster that this return of Planet X would cause, and more concerned with aliens and the ancient astronaut theory, even though it would cause disaster. Unfortunately for Sitchin, he was neither an expert in Hebrew or Semitic languages, which is where he derived all of his theories on Planet X. Since he botched those translations, his “facts” should not be taken seriously. To say nothing of the physics involved with his theory.

Because, if Sitchin’s Nibiru existed and came into the inner solar system periodically, the inner solar system (and probably all of the solar system) would be a mess. There would be some evidence in the orbits of the other planets and the asteroid belt.

“Almost all of the millions of objects within it are on well defined, stable orbits that will last for a very long time. This is almost impossible if, twice every 3600 years (once coming in, once going out), a planet-sized object passes either through it or close by. The gravitational disturbance caused by a planet-sized object would significantly disrupt the asteroid belt, causing collisions among its members and for it to be scattered over time.”

As the PseudoAstronomy Podcast mentioned in that quote, and several other times, the orbits of the known asteroids in the belt are so stable that their orbits can be calculated back millions of years. Whether you subscribe to Old Earth or Young Earth, those numbers should be adequate proof that Nibiru or anything like it has never entered the inner part of the solar system in recent history.

Sitchin’s theory is still further wrong with the idea of aliens on such a planet. The idea of the Annunaki or that life as we know it could survive on a planet with a 3,600 year orbit would take more pseudoscientific plot devices than an average Edgar Rice Burroughs novel. Even rethinking Sitchin’s ideas as mentioned later with Andrew Lloyd doesn’t save Sitchin’s Nibiru or his aliens. From an evolutionary standpoint, they don’t see how aliens could arise, and from the Biblical perspective (my point of view) there’s no evidence in the Bible there are aliens anywhere and we can’t have an argument from silence.

Between the links to Dr. Heiser’s work and Stuart Robinson’s PseudoAstronomy Podcast, Sitchin and his Nibiru is well debunked. But here’s a true collision of worlds, an interview with them both. Part 1 and Part 2. Sitchin cannot defend his views as he has passed away some time ago, but while he was alive, he never accepted Heiser’s challenge to defend his claims.

Unfortunately as wrong as Sitchin was, people still bought into and built upon his ideas. In fact, almost everyone after him did. The most likely reason being that it was kind of hard to disprove him for so long, so why not go along with it? It is an intriguing idea for a science fiction plot device. But that’s really where it should remain, given his linguistic and science flubs, and his past hesitance to own up to those.

Deviating slightly from Sitchin’s work some time later was Nancy Lieder. Lieder claimed that Sitchin’s Nibiru was coming in 2003 and would cause a pole shift, among other cataclysms. This information was revealed to her by channeling grey aliens, aka “The Zetas”. She pointed to a number of things as evidence that Planet X was coming, and most of those claims are debunked here. And also here. It almost wouldn’t even be worth mentioning her or her claims except as a footnote in the saga of Planet X, and to begin addressing some of the Planet X stuff from a Biblical worldview.

Her theory really shouldn’t have gained any traction in the first place, mainly because it was gleaned from channeling entities claiming to be aliens. Scientifically, it’s not acceptable evidence, and Biblically, well…that’s coming up. At best, her channeled information was made up, and based loosely on Sitchin. At worst, as odd as this may sound, her information was actually given to her by entities – demonic entities – that seemingly don’t understand science and also lie habitually. Or maybe they do understand science and just like to lie.

These various entities have also lied about their origins and seem to preach clear, antibiblicial messages. No surprise then that channeled information from “aliens” is never accurate, and in the rare instances they get something right, it is not 100% accurate. The Zetas even lied to Lieder.

“Nancy said that Planet X would cause a pole flip in 2003 and lots of bad stuff would happen. The deadline was in the weeks surrounding May 15, with a closest approach of May 27, 2003… four years after the non-event…she had a different explanation: The Zetas told a white lie…because Planet X really IS coming, and George W. Bush, then-president of the United States, knew about it. But, Bush and everyone else didn’t know exactly when it would happen, so they were all following Nancy’s stuff, and so this was all a ploy to bring them out of the woodwork.”

For aliens trying to enlighten us and work for our good, they sure do tend to bend the truth a lot, lending credence to theory of demonic deception, and giving good reason to not heed the words of channelers of any stripe.

Though this link refers to the spirits of the dead specifically in regards to channeling, there is no reason this should not also be applied to beings claiming to be extraterrestrials. Especially given the above link that demonstrates “aliens” (especially, but certainly not limited to, grays and/or zetas) are demonic. This is probably the main point in God commanding not to consult mediums in Deuteronomy 18, or spirits of the dead. God would rather have you turn to Him than the lying spirits which will lead you astray. Aliens, ghosts and demons seem to be more or less interchangeable as far as mediums go, and should be avoided. Mediums, like Blossom Goodchild (who heralded a big alien “reveal” that failed to happen), contact alleged spirits of the dead, and have no inclination to discern the true nature of their contacts. Good reason to avoid them once they start getting messages from alleged aliens. Because they are the same actors playing different roles to woo their audience. Demons will pretend to be whatever it is that will get you to believe them.

On top of these examples, there are literally hundreds of testimonies from people who’ve had various types of contact with “aliens” that turned out to be nothing but a satanic deception. A deception which terminated by calling out to Jesus Christ. None of this is really a surprise because the Bible does tell us that Satan and his servants can appear to be things they are not:

2 Corinthians 11:14

“And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.”

All that to say, Nancy Lieder, the channeler seems to be in touch with the same kinds deceptive entities the Bible warns us about, and she was the biggest Planet Xer in the early 2000’s. She built on Sitchin’s work and added to it on her own, or at the behest of demonic entities. Like Sitchin before here, people build upon her faulty foundation to try to sell the idea that Earth will undergo cataclysm soon because of Planet X. Including people trying to squeeze Planet X into the Bible.

And that’s kind of sad.

Since these two characters have done most of the legwork, the next few rogues in this gallery only rate a simple overview of claims and a brief summary of who they are. Rather than go through each of the claims by each person, here’s the highlights. Huge thanks again go to Stuart of the PseudoAstronomy Podcast for putting all of his information on the web, free of charge, instead of stoking the fear and pimping books out. His resolve could easily land him a place as the third human on the Satellite of Love should someone new need to be sent into space to watch bad movies.

It’s worth reading Stuart’s blog and examination of each claim by each person, and rather than ripping him off entirely and making this blog still longer, here’s my best attempt to summarize his crucial points all in one spot. So go check his stuff out as linked later. I don’t agree with all of his points, but no one can agree with everyone all of the time. Most of these will be brief, but there will be slightly more focus on Gilbert Erickson and Doug Elwell later.

Major Claims followed by refutation:

  • Planet X has an approximately 3,600 year orbit which takes it into the inner solar system (Zechariah Sitchin, Nancy Lieder, Mark Hazlewood, Gilbert Erickson)
    • This was debunked earlier, but the stability of the solar system and asteroid belt disproves this
    • on top of the impossibility of the orbit, no society on Earth has ever actually recorded it. Sitchin’s claims of the Sumerians were without merit, according to Dr. Michael Heiser, and no other civilization including the Chinese or other “smarties” of antiquity left any record of it
  • Planet X was to appear in 2003 (Lieder, Hazlewood)
    • It didn’t
  • Planet X was in the Bible at critical points in scripture (the Exodus, Joshua’s long day, Star ofBethlehem, Revelation, etc.) (Lieder, Erickson, Elwell)
    • There will be a little more about this later, but it’s basically a way to use the ancient alien mindset (primitive people didn’t understand the scientific things they saw, so it’s gods) to say that some of the things in the Bible were or will be achieved through natural means via Planet X
  • Planet X is a brown dwarf and the sun’s binary companion (Lieder [kinda by saying it’s bigger than Jupiter], Hazlewood, Andrew Lloyd, Erickson)
    • So far, as mentioned earlier, NASA has tried with the right tools to observe, and has been unable to find any new or unknown large or massive planets in the range of 10,000 AU to 26,000 AU, pretty much ruling out the existence of a hidden brown dwarf or other planet anywhere close or even far away from our system. Even if their infrared scans did not turn up anything, Planet X’s mass should be detectable by its interaction with the rest of the solar system, especially if it was en route. Nothing has been detected. Anything out there is in a stable orbit far away
  • Planet X was/is causing “earth changes” (earthquakes, solar flares, pole shift, extreme weather, dogs & cats living together, etc.) as it gets close (Lieder, Hazlewood, Marshall Masters, Erickson, Elwell)
    • those things on the whole really haven’t been increasing.
    • according to the USGS, earthquakes have not really been steadily increasing. There was a slight increase in the 1990’s and a spike in the 2000’s (around ’08), but since 2008, there’s been a decline towards the numbers of the 90’s.
  • Planet X would be visible sometime before it gets really close, either as a second sun, or just there somehow. (Lieder, Masters)
    • None of this has happened, despite the alleged close proximity
    • The planet has not been seen here or there, it has not been seen ANYWHERE
  • In addition to being visible as a second sun in the sky, or clearly visible, Planet X actually can’t be seen just yet because…A) Earth has stopped, B) Planet X is by the sun, it’s right by the sun, or behind it, C) A conspiracy of disinformation disinformed of Planet X’s proximity or visibility, D) it’s coming from south of the ecliptic and can only be seen from the south pole. E) It’s surface is too dark to make it visible. (Lieder, Hazlewood, Masters, Erickson, Elwell)
    • A is absurd and easily disproven
    • B if true, the orbits of the other planets would be affected somehow, especially if it’s a brown dwarf
    • C, riiigght. Again, no cover-up can hide the orbits of the solar system from amateur astronomers, which would reveal Planet X
    • D, you can see the entire southern hemisphere from anywhere south of the equator, just as in the north, we can see the entire sky of the northern hemisphere
    • E, A brown dwarf would also reflect light from the sun the way Jupiter does, even if it didn’t, it would block the light of the stars behind it, and again the other planets would be affected
  • In addition to these, all of the Planet Xers here seem to have conflicting measurements of size, mass and composition. The numbers aren’t worth going through, as the numbers thrown around are mostly nonsense.
    • If it was a real object, one would expect some consistency there.

Probably the best way to summarize that is this quote:

“Despite the tens if not hundreds of thousands of amateur astronomers in the world plus roughly 10,000 professional astronomers, somehow, the United States government is able to keep a planet that’s just a few years away, secret – be that 3-5 times the size of Earth or 13-80 times the mass of Jupiter.”

There’s the bulk of the claims and a mention of who’s made them. Now, here’s a little bit more about each of our Planet Xers. Again, all of these are summarized from Stuart’s blog, because he’s really about the only one who’s taken an open minded look at the claims from a science angle. He took the various claims at face value, then actually “did the science” to see if it was valid. (Stuart, please make sure my disinformation check is deposited in my account by Friday, and that I can continue to get regular payments. I’d like to be a full-time disinfo propagandist if at all possible.)


Mark Hazelwood, aka Mancy Lieder, aka Nancy Lieder 2.0

Mark came onto the Planet X scene around the same time as Nancy Lieder, making many similar claims. So similar in fact, that it’s pretty obvious he just copied her. As if that wasn’t enough to dismiss his claims (in addition to his failed predictions), his most humorous “BS Point” is that he claims to have seen a live feed of the Hubble that allows him to view what it sees as though he were looking through a regular telescope. Which is something that Hubble isn’t capable of. (Besides, Mike Nelson broke the Hubble during the events of “MST3K the Movie.”)


Marshall Masters (no, not Eminem)

Masters really is the Johnny-come-lately to this whole scene…even though he kinda beat me to it. Masters seems to him-and-haw on how observable Planet X is. On one hand, he says it’s hard to observe because it’s near the sun, but on the other it seems he’s glad to accept any old picture as evidence if it suits his purpose. Like everyone else on this list, his predictions have failed to come true, and his claims are all well debunked here as well as in all the data points listed previously. His claims were to occur in the 2012 – 2015ish window, and well…no Planet X again!


(un)Doctor Andrew Lloyd

Not much to say here. He’s basically just reworked Sitchin’s stuff, except gives Nibiru a longer orbit, and he also tries to make Sitchin’s theories work a little better with things we know today. Despite this, he still can’t make it work. But he does get a home version of the Planet X/Nibiru home game for his troubles. (If any board game developers want to develop such a game, let me know. Seriously. I’m getting ideas…)


Gilbert Erickson/Wormwood/Brown Dwarf/Giant Ball of Solid Iron

Gilbert Erickson deserves a little more attention in a moment, because in addition to following some of the nonsense that came before, he manages to throw in some new stuff of his own. The first biggest complaint would be that he claims Planet X is a red (did he mean brown? Did I?) dwarf, but somehow it’s also a large ball of iron. In addition, he also posits that Atlantis and Lemuria, which never existed, were also victims of Planet X, which he has dubbed “Wormwood” so he can shoehorn it into Bible prophecy. And that’s where the focus shifts.

Planet X in the Bible…or not?

This section moves from the claims of New Agers and Ancient Alienites and into claims that Planet X is either in the Bible, or claims by Christians that Planet X exists at all. While I do admit, that yes it is possible there may be an unknown, terrestrial style Planet X is somewhere like the Oort Cloud or Kuiper belt, I do not hold to any claim that a Sitchin-style Planet X has any role to play in Bible Prophecy or even appears in the Bible. There is clearly not any planet that comes on a wild path into the inner solar system.

The intention of this section is not to pick on fellow believers for believing the theory, but is more of an “Acts 17:11” approach to looking at their claims. In short, if Planet X is in the Bible, or has a role to play in prophetic events, we should be able to see 1) corroborating evidence amongst Christian sources and 2) something that should be obvious from a plain reading of the Bible and probably astronomical observations corroborating the claims.

So in this section, the focus is on the claims, and I do thank my fellow believers for allowing me the opportunity to tie one of these blog posts into the Bible in some fashion.

Gilbert Erickson

While his astronomical claims are enough to discredit him, a look at his Biblical claims is warranted and will probably take it the rest of the way.

To give you an idea of Erickson’s attempts to decode the symbolism in the Bible and prove a Planet X collision, here’s a quote or two from his “Revelation Keys”. An example of how he interprets Revelation 19:15, 21. In essence, he treads well within the ancient alien interpretation of the Bible, with some twists, and yet doesn’t come right out with Giorgio Tsoukalos.

“Revelation 19: 15, 21 says verbally that when Christ is about to do battle with the Beast at the Battle of Armageddon, that He has a sharp sword coming out of His mouth and that’s how His enemies are destroyed. So does that mean that He literally spits steel swords from His mouth?  Probably not. It doesn’t mean that He has steel teeth or bad breath either.  Then what does that symbol mean?  In the context of a large decisive battle like Armageddon it would mean that when He gives the order to attack and destroy the armies of the Beast that the order is obeyed and those armies are indeed destroyed.  The order to destroy them comes out of His mouth.  Then it happens exactly as He commanded it.  How do we know?  Answer: The prophet Zechariah describes a powerful beam weapon that destroys the forces of the Beast.  It is not a pretty picture.”

In short, he thinks that “the sharp sword” coming out of Christ’s mouth in Revelation 19:15 is a command to the (presumably God’s) UFO mentioned in Zechariah. Except that first, there is no UFO in Zechariah 5.

In all fairness, Revelation, and some of the prophetic passages in the Bible are a bit confusing and hard to interpret, especially if you have not seriously studied the Bible for what it is. I am not “the expert” by any means, and I continually strive to understand God’s Word better. Even so. With prayer, diligent study of the entire Bible and help from serious Bible scholars, anyone can get a decent grasp on prophecy and learn what something means. It doesn’t have to be intimidating. If I can get a handle on it, anyone can.

The second point Erickson gets wrong is that the sword coming out of the mouth of Christ is a symbol. Oh, it is a symbol. It’s a symbol for the Word of God, which is to say the Word of Christ. Ephesians 6:17, Hebrews 4:12, among others make it clear that the Word of God is symbolically like a sword, in that it cuts right to our souls, which is deeper than any blade can pierce. A better way to read this passage in Revelation is that, the Beast and his armies in Revelation 19 are coming face to face with God, in open rebellion, and Exodus 33:20 makes it clear no human can see God and live. Just imagine a rebellious man or army of men not only seeing God, but being rebuked by the words from His mouth, and it’s not hard to imagine that they die from just coming into his presence, to say nothing of His words.

This certainly paints a picture of a stronger God than a god giving an order to “fire phasers”.

Viewing Revelation through this Sitchin-colored glasses, Erickson indicates that the seven seals (and so on) are in fact the result of Wormwood/Planet X coming into proximity of Earth. This would essentially mean that 3,600-ish years ago God was using Wormwood for judgment, and 3,600-ish years from now (after the events of Revelation have completed, and there’s no more evil, etc.) Wormwood will judge the (then sinless) world…So, good or bad, Wormwood’s gonna wipe you out. Before moving on, read Revelation 6 (and maybe a chapter or two before and after it) for yourself before continuing. I would even suggest having it open as you read about the seals below.

Anyways, here’s Erickson’s take on the seals. The seal part is a direct quote, while any subordinate bullet on each is my understanding/summary of his claim where necessary. In some ways they seem a bit too general, but more commentary after the jump.

  • First Seal: An increase in war and threat of war (“rumors of wars”) between nations and groups. Matthew 24:6; Mark 13:7, 8; Luke 21:9, 10; Revelation 6:2.

    • Broken at World War I
  • Second Seal: A worldwide increase in capital murder, personal anger, ethnic rivalry, and community unrest. Revelation 6:4.

    • Broken at the 1994 Rwanda Crisis, rationalized by a perceived increase in bloodshed all around
  • Third Seal: A shortfall in worldwide grain production that selectively affects wheat and barley but not oil or wine (olive and grape) production. Revelation 6:5, 6; Matthew 24:7; Mark 13:8; Luke 21:10, 11.

Note: The initial movement unusually high wheat prices began in December, 2007 and maxed out in February, 2008 at about $25 per bushel on the Minneapolis Exchange. Barley shortages followed thereafter and prices peaked in July, 2008. Prices for both grains came back down in the following months but will climb again as Wormwood squeezes world grain production with weather problems and production short falls. Wheat and barley will be in extremely short supply when the 6th Seal events start to play out and panic buying results in extremely high prices for these grains.

  • (Randomly inserted point by Erickson, increase in Earthquakes and various environmental disasters presumably caused by Planet X.)
  • Fourth Seal: A combination of war, famine, disease pandemics and the animal kingdom out of control and directly attacking and killing people that is confined to an area defined somehow geographically as “a fourth of the earth”. Revelation 6:8; Luke 21:11.

Note: The applicable section of the Earth based on time zones where these types of activities and event seem to be happening is covered in The Millennium Prophecy but basically seems to be situated in the six times zones east of the Prime Meridian. At the very least this portion of the world needs to be watched carefully.

  • Fifth Seal: The persecution of the Christian Church. Revelation 6:9 – 11; Matthew 24:9 – 14; Mark 13:9 – 13; Luke 21: 12 – 19; 1 Timothy 3:2 – 13.

    • Pretty easy to understand that
  • Sixth Seal: A combination of massive tectonic shifting (with earthquakes and volcanic eruptions) coupled with a simultaneous and prominent display of meteor and meteorite events as a Wormwood node ring grips the earth shakes things up. Also look for the moon to take on a red-orange color as Wormwood throws iron oxide dust into the atmosphere or as it enters the space between the Earth and the Moon. There will also be at least one major pyroclastic explosion similar to St. Helens (May, 1980). This sign also marks the end of the Fifth Seal persecution of the Christian Church. Rev 6:12 – 17; Joel 2:30, 31; Matthew 24:7, 17; Mark 13:8; Luke 21:11; 2 Peter 3:2 – 4.

    • Full break down of seal six by Erickson here

Looking at the interpretation of the seals, I’m wondering which Bible Erickson got these out of, and what he referenced to come to his conclusion. They get progressively further and further from a normal interpretation of the Bible as they progress. I’m not really sure where he gets the ideas that any of the seals were broken, or the specifics that he points out.

To show that Erickson is incorrect about the events in Revelation being related to Planet X, here’s a look at each seal, and hopefully some better interpretation. Revelation 6 has them, so take a peek on your own. Some of this is my own interpretation based upon self study of the Bible over the years, but still more would be from digging into commentaries and listening to many Bible study Podcasts over the years, so if something sounds familiar, it’s possible I heard it somewhere else and forgot where.

  • First Seal: Rider on the white horse. This has less to do with wars, World Wars, etc. and more to do with THE Antichrist coming onto the scene. At present, the Antichrist and Satan are restrained by God, but when this seal is broken, it seems the restrainer is removed at the same time. Remember, the seals are judgments, and so the first judgment is to basically give Satan, and his man the Antichrist, control of the world, and to turn rebellious mankind over to him. The rider has a bow, but no mention of arrows, which some have interpreted as Antichrist not using violence, but that is later proved inaccurate or at least ambiguous. Revelation indicates that he does go out and conquer, make war against the saints and he is shown to conquer in Daniel 7:8, 20 – 21 where he supplants three horns. It could be he gives the illusion of peace, but it doesn’t last long.

In regards to the first seal, Erickson’s interpretation doesn’t make any sense, especially in putting the breaking of this seal at World War I. One reason would be, because the Antichrist has not been leading or doing the conquering since WWI, and probably not since WWII either. No one person fitting the Biblical Antichrist has been leading the world or making war against the saints. He would be incredibly old if he was, and he’s been taking a very long time to get the world under control, when traditionally, his reign is viewed as being somewhere between 3.5 – 7 years. In short, the first seal hasn’t been broken yet. If it hasn’t, then the rest haven’t been either.

  • Second Seal: The red horseman takes peace from the earth. David Guzik points out that this horseman (and his commentary on Revelation 6 is pretty good) doesn’t actually bring war, but takes away the God-given gift of relative peace that mankind presently enjoys. From there, man’s natural, sinful inclinations take over resulting in war, and that’s probably helped along by Antichrist from the first seal.

While it definitely does seem that murder, wars and such are on an increase, and one could even question whether or not we are at peace in the world. Really though, peace is generally happening in the world. I certainly didn’t have any war conditions to endure today, nor have I ever, thankfully. However bad it is in the world though, it probably pales in comparison to what will happen when the second seal is opened and peace is completely removed from the earth.

How did Erickson come up with the Rwandan Genocide as the event that signified the opening of the second seal? It’s not clear. Given that he had WWI and WWII as markers for the first seal, it would have made a lot more sense to finger any of the following: the Armenian Genocide, the Rape of Nanking, or even the Holocaust. The last one would make even more sense, especially since it involved the Jewish people and the aftermath of WWII saw Israel become a nation. On top of that, we Christians believe that Revelation is pretty much the final realization of all of the prophecies that started with the Jews in the TANAKH, so it would have better fit the theory.

  • Third Seal: The black horseman traditionally known as famine. Groceries are getting more and more expensive (I’m feeling the pinch myself), but whatever data points Erickson is referencing, bread and food does not cost an entire day’s wage, nor is food in a severe shortage as demonstrated in this seal. Yes there is hunger around the world, but that is nothing compared to what will come. Most of us now enjoy not just plenty, but abundance. Once this seal is opened, things will probably look a little more like The Road and a little less like Supermarket Sweep.

Certainly any perceived shortage of food now cannot be attributed to environmental factors created by Planet X, as Erickson claims, because…you guess it…no Planet X has been detected. Something that isn’t there, cannot affect the environment on Earth.

Erickson is way off base here. The third seal hasn’t been opened by any stretch of the imagination, and the Bible does not even come close to implying that Planet X is to blame when it is.

A logical way to view this as a sequence is thus: the first seal opens, Antichrist comes on the scene conquering, the second seal opens, and war becomes widespread throughout the world as peace has been removed. As a consequence of war, food production becomes scarce and what food is grown becomes hard to distribute because war has destroyed the infrastructure. Thus, famine on a global scale as a result of events that have happened and they are all tied to a judgment from God. Perhaps there will be other factors involved, perhaps due to GMO foods or something related to the judgment, but this is a solid starting point.

  • Fourth Seal: The fourth horseman, death and hell. This seems like a continuation and culmination of the first three seals causing death, and ¼ of humanity dying as a result. Pretty straightforward. What doesn’t make sense is Erickson’s claim that a certain geographic area east of the Prime Meridian is affected. There is no basis for that in scripture, whatsoever. Guzik’s commentary here continues to be a good place to turn for further analysis.
  • Fifth Seal: Martyrs that have died for their faith in Jesus Christ, and the martyrs cry out for God to pass judgment and avenge them.

Erickson seems to paint this in very general terms, merely as “blanket persecution”.

Although Christians have faced persecution in varying levels since the Book of Acts, on up until modern times, it would be very difficult to say that a large majority of Christians are being persecuted for their faith today. It is happening in certain places, but, it’s not as severe as the fifth seal demonstrates. Yet.

Not surprisingly, the best way to view this is as a consequence of the previous seals opening. The Antichrist came on the scene with the first seal, and we get more information in Daniel 7:21 where the “little horn” aka, Antichrist, makes war with the saints. Whether this is before the Rapture, or these are post-rapture converts is up for debate, and not the focus of this study. The important point here is that the fifth seal is probably due to Antichrist making war with the saints, perhaps blaming them for the problems.

  • Sixth Seal: Here’s the summary. The sun becomes black, the moon red, the “stars” fall to earth like figs, and the heavens disappear like a scroll being rolled up. You will see that in Revelation 6:12 – 17. Isaiah 34:4 also mentions the same event, but it is very strongly attributed to the Lord’s judgment there and not a planet.

Not surprisingly, Erickson says this is volcanoes, earthquakes and dust from such. Also, he claims that, through unknown means, Wormwood/Planet X will be throwing iron oxide dust about, making the moon red. This is just the surface look, Erickson has an entire part of his page devoted to just the sixth seal, and that will come in a moment.

Erickson’s expansion of the sixth seal doesn’t make things any clearer. He claims the stars falling to earth are comets and asteroids. The heavens rolling up like a scroll and departing is from a volcanic eruption that makes the sky “feel like it was split apart”. A vortex of cataclysm all hitting at once.

This is a very hard verse to interpret, without a doubt. “Stars” falling to earth and the heavens being rolled up like a scroll. Add to that the face of the Lamb, Jesus Christ in Heaven, is visible and humanity is hiding from Him. As weird as it may sound though, the simplest interpretation may be the best. I am loathe to offer up an explanation that may be rendered invalid in 5 – 20 years, but this is the best I can come up with from what I have learned in life thus far.

In the Bible, it’s clear that God stretches out the heavens and the way it’s illustrated is like a tent. Psalm 104:2 illustrates this, as does Isaiah 40:22, and it is more or less accepted by mainstream science that the universe is indeed expanding, so it would seem science and the Bible are in agreement on this. We know this is true in the three spatial dimensions and the fourth of time. God, being outside of these spatial dimensions is able to manipulate them in ways we cannot see, to stretch them out from His superior vantage point. Like in the story Flatland (free on Kindle), the third dimensional sphere can conceivably stretch out or roll up the two-dimensional Flatland. Since God is expanding the universe, or “unrolling” it at present the way we would a sheet of paper, He can roll it back up again from His position “above” these dimensions. Our three dimensional universe will literally be “rolled back up” (or the three dimensional equivalent), just as described in Isaiah 34:4 and Revelation 6:14.

How this leaves the sun, earth and moon intact, I cannot really say. However, one intrepid blogger has suggested that as the heavens (universe/space) are removed, the “host of heaven” the stars, planets, etc. “wither away” as also described in Isaiah 34. The stars in the universe would fade or disappear as their sustaining environment (the “fabric” of the universe) disappears, and the sun, being a star, would wither and darken as well. The moon which reflects light from the sun would do the same. The blogger (not sure on gender) goes on to suggest that the “stars” that fall to earth as a result could be the satellites orbiting earth. Science likely won’t agree this is possible and it is out there, but, if God is in control, stretching everything out, He can roll it back up the same way. That’s God’s problem, not mine, and I’m thankful to let Him worry about it.

An alternate viewpoint on the stars falling from heaven comes from the late J Vernon McGee. In his series on Daniel (broadcasts by series), chapters 7 through 8 in particular, he takes a symbolic approach to the phrase stars falling from heaven when he talks about the siege of Antiochus Epiphanes and the Antichrist. Here he speculates that the stars falling could mean that “gods” or religion, “the hosts of heaven”, etc. are being challenged. “Being brought down” in other words, which makes some sense, because that’s sort of what Epiphanes did, and is what the Antichrist will do. He will declare himself above God and anything called “god”. Perhaps each of those have truth, but McGee’s does seem to be the most level headed.

The rest about earthquakes and mountains seems merely to be a continuation of events that have been happening throughout the seals being opened, but perhaps is a result of earth being “removed from the heavenly fabric”. It could just be the sixth seal being opened and the prescribed judgment for that.

  • Seventh Seal: The seventh seal does not happen in Chapter 7 of Revelation as you might expect. Instead, between seals six and seven, there seems to be a break. At the start of Chapter 7, four angels are withholding the wind from the earth and God seals 144,000 from the tribes of Israel (not members of a particular door-to-door organization).

Erickson credits this to Planet X, again, something that has no basis in scripture. His explanation of the sealing of the 144,000 also makes no sense, especially what he calls a “first replacement witness”. The Bible clearly states that the four angels holding the winds and one other are to do the sealing of 144,000 Jews. Erickson makes it seem as though Christians will be around in the first place at that point, and will be there to teach these Jews. It’s unclear as to exactly when this teaching occurs, how there is time as the world falls apart, or what is to be taught. Again, David Guzik’s commentary is a decent way to understand this a little more and in context.

The seventh seal is then opened at the start of chapter 8, and there is silence, followed by some very drastic events, which Erickson implies will be the “real deal” compared to the “warm-up exercise” of the previous seals.

These events, some believe could be a meteor or comet coming to earth, and sure that may be possible, but several important notes should be made. First, there is no mention in the Bible of any planet sending these to earth. Second, this is more than a mere natural phenomena, more than a celestial object that we could hypothetically track the orbit of if we could find it, but rather God taking an active role in human affairs and bringing judgment upon a rebellious mankind that has rejected His gift of salvation. In my opinion, this is probably something to interpret literally. That is, an angel is literally offering up prayers from the saints in a golden censer. Somehow, when God’s people pray, it becomes incense or like incense in the spirit world.

Perhaps these are prayers from the martyrs in the fifth seal, or any new saints in the midst of The Great Tribulation. Perhaps it’s the prayers of believers from throughout the history of man. This censer of prayers, referred to as incense, is then cast to the earth like fire. Through some unknown means this incense in the spirit world has an equivalent in the material world which results in thundering and earthquakes. This is difficult to explain, and interpret, but it doesn’t seem to be as simple as a meteor, comet or wayward planet/star.

To reduce these to mere natural phenomena caused by a passing planet, or even just natural objects that are already in an orbit somewhere drastically reduces an all powerful God to one who must wait for His “grand machine” to wind down, or for circumstances to allow His plans to proceed, in effect making Him the cosmic watchmaker who just set this all in motion and sat back twiddling His thumbs.

The Seven Seals as interpreted by Gilbert Erickson do not fall in line with a plain reading of the text, or the Bible as a whole. The Bible is very capable of interpreting itself, if you know where to look, and nothing in the Bible suggests that a planet on a wild orbit is headed our way or has been here before. Erickson’s interpretation of the Seven Seals seems to have more to do with selling the Planet X theory to the Christian audience than properly interpreting the text and warning that God Himself will judge one day and that Christ is the way to get right with Him. Erickson has bought into the theory of Planet X at some point, then sought out passages within the Bible that could be used to justify his position, rather than changing his position to conform to the Bible as is the proper order.

Doug Elwell

Doug is really the first name I’d heard as far as Christian/Biblical Planet Xers, though I had heard people talking about Wormwood previously. Elwell is a blogger who only came to my attention due to his appearance on View From The Bunker with Derek Gilbert in which they discussed Elwell’s book on Planet X. Elwell’s Planet X seems to differ slightly from Erickson’s view, which is interesting, because if Planet X really was in the Bible one would expect that the details would agree.

From what I gathered in this interview, the basic premise of Elwell’s Planet X is that it has shown up at critical times in the Bible and will again. It had a major role in creation, Job’s misfortune, Sodom and Gomorrah, it was the Star of Bethlehem and will be coming as a sign of Christ’s return at the end, among other appearances. In short, Planet X seems to get more credit for Biblical events than God does, and a few spots of the interview nearly make it sound like Planet X is God Himself. Certain passages in the Bible that clearly refer to God are interpreted to be a description of Planet X. There’s a bit more to it than that, but that’s the basic rundown.

At the beginning of the interview, it’s pretty clearly established that Elwell based his information not upon scientific proof that Planet X exists, or even any particular passage or portions of the Bible and plain reading thereof, but rather upon the work of Zechariah Sitchin! From there Sumerian and other mythology that Sitchin made his case with (and Michael Heiser has debunked Sitchn’s interpretation of) was cobbled together to create a rather creative space opera from the Enuma Elish. From there, the parts in the Bible that sort of, but not really lined up with the mythology became Biblical accounts of Planet X. It’s not just this interview, but one or two of the book reviews on Amazon mention a case being made from the myth and not the Bible. (see the 2 star review by Lbaba).

In short, Sitchin’s already debunked work and Sumerian myth was used to formulate a theory of astronomy and the Bible was used to give enough of a selling point to convince Christians. Basing any theory of astronomy upon Sitchin is already enough to throw it out, but filtering it through the Enuma Elish and cherry picking Bible verses to sell it to a Christian audience should drive the point home. Even so, a few more points bear mentioning. All of these claims are in the previously linked audio interview.

Here are few high points that Elwell claimed, followed by my rebuttal to that point:

  • DE – Planet X had a role in the creation of earth. This is of course not in the Bible, but based on the Enuma Elish, where the earth is made out of the dragon Tiamat’s head, and in that myth a “cut” was made to make the earth from the dragon’s head and the heavens from its tale. He also plays with the Hebrew to make this work in Genesis 1 making it read as though God made a “cut” which made Earth and the heavens.
    • Refutation – I can’t debunk his Hebrew claim, but it seems like he’s torturing the text to match his interpretation of mythology and the Planet X theory. That’s one for Dr. Heiser if he gets bored enough. If he does it, it will be linked here.
      • The Bible interprets itself. Nowhere in scripture does it mention God cutting or killing a dragon, making a world out of its head and putting people on it. Not even symbolically. Throughout the Bible, the dragon is also usually a symbol for Satan, who is a real, personal entity and not a planet, or something whose head can become a planet.
      • In the Bible, God made man from the dust or the clay of the earth. If the Earth is really the dragon’s head, it’s implied that humans were made out of part of the dragon’s head, and that as a man, Jesus also has “some of that in Him”. Humanity is made out of pieces of he dragon’s head. think about it. Actually, don’t.
  • DE – Planet X not only created earth or led to its creation, but like a well-aimed billiard ball, it will bump or move earth into the sun (the lake of fire in Elwell’s eyes) and take its place in Earth’s orbit. In other words, Planet X is the new earth at the end of Revelation
    • Refutation – Again, this is not in scripture. Revelation 19:20 the personal entities of the Beast and the false prophet are thrown into the lake of fire. Revelation 20:10 the devil (Satan), death and hell (verse 14) and those who rejected God’s solution in Jesus Christ for our sin problem (verse 15) were also sent to the lake of fire.
      • Conspicuously absent from this “guest list” is any mention of a planet or the Earth joining the party.
      • Planets do NOT knock each other about like billiard balls as you will see later in the section on Gill Broussard
  • DE – Planet X is coming from south of the ecliptic, it can’t be seen yet.
    • Refutation – That sounds pretty familiar, and yes, we can see south of the ecliptic. As mentioned before, nothing has been found.
  • DE – Elwell also claimed that Planet X would be coming from the “head of the house of the bull” which he took to mean between the horns in the head of the constellation Taurus.
    • Refutation – Here, Elwell has contradicted himself. Taurus is a constellation in the northern hemisphere. Planet X cannot come from both south of the ecliptic where we can’t see it, and the head of Taurus where we can see very easily. Now of course, everyone claims Planet X can randomly move and appear/disappear at will, so maybe I’m wrong on this point.
  • DE – In relation to Taurus, Elwell claimed that the stars of the constellation lined up with a map of the seven churches in Revelation. Presumably because the Spirit of God and Christ are in the midst of the seven lampstands that represent those churches. Since Planet X is coming from Taurus, according to Elwell, Christ must be there too, so the seven lampstands are the stars of Taurus…
    • Refutation – First, Christ is not a planet, or even on another planet. Same goes for any other aspects of God, ie the Father or Holy Spirit
      • Assuming Elwell is right that Planet X comes from Taurus alone and not simulataneously from the south as well, his assertion about the stars is wrong. In Revelation, there are seven churches represented by seven lampstands, true. But, the constellation Taurus is made up of 14 stars, and if we’re talking just the head with the horns, it is made up of 8. Either way, it doesn’t work.
      • The map of the churches does not line up very well with stars of Taurus. Even though there are different maps. Perhaps there is a map that does match Taurus, but good luck finding it outside of Elwell’s book. If it’s in there.
  • DE – The world myths always have twelve gods because they are based on Babylonian myth, which knew about the 12 planets of Sitchin. In myth, there are the 12 Olympians, and you’ll see that certainly Greek myth (and probably Roman myth) had 12 primary gods in the pantheon.

OK, I’ll grant that, there are indeed 12 Olympians in myth. Let’s see how it matches up with the evidence and the solar system.

  • Refutation – Michael Heiser on his Sitchin is wrong site has already debunked Sitchin’s assertion of a 12 planet star system.
    • Since Sitchin’s time, Pluto has been degraded to dwarf planet and other dwarves were found. And even if that adds up to 12, there may be many more dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt or Oort Cloud which would really mess things up. Eris is one, and there are at least 5 others. Do they count? What about Ceres in the asteroid belt?
    • Of the 12 Olympians, only several of them correspond to planets and, in antiquity, only the sun, moon, Mercury, venus, mars, Jupiter and Saturn were known about and considered “planets”. That’s far short of 12. Uranus wasn’t known about until 1781, and Neptune wasn’t discovered until 1846. No one in antiquity knew of them. Further, Uranus and Neptune were not part of the 12 Olympians. Unless those two planets were known about and named after other gods, this theory doesn’t fit.
  • DE – Planet X is on a 2,000 year orbit where it cyclically comes to judge sinful humanity.
    • Refutation – This doesn’t work for the same reasons the 3,600 year orbit doesn’t, and that is the stability of the solar system’s orbits and asteroid field.
      • If it came about 2,000 years ago heralding Christ’s birth, where is it now? It seems overdue, and if it were coming soon, it would be detectable as described above.
  • DE – Searches for Planet X in the ‘80’s prove that it’s out there. Orbital oddities, as well as the tilt of Uranus and Pluto (a stolen/abandoned moon, but also a full-fledged planet in Sitchin’s work) being alone  prove it as well.
    • Refutation – The searches for Planet X in the 80’s above pretty much did not find Planet X
      • Pluto could well be a Kuiper Belt Object like Eris
      • I have no explanation at this time for Uranus’s tilt, other than to say that it probably didn’t need Planet X. The best explanation that I can offer is that God wanted it that way


Mark Combs – 7X

A recent addition to this list is Mark Combs who I’ve heard interviewed on VFTB. Mark’s major claims are outlined and footnoted in his book, but like with everyone else on this list, I’m not inclined to buy his book either. No offense to Combs. In any event, the claims he made during the interview bear investigation, and once investigated I feel vindicated in not buying the book. Side note, Mark has been a very nice guy on Facebook and really this is not meant to be mean spirited to him.

Combs’ interview is the first time that I’d heard of Planet X being referred to as 7X which Combs seems to have borrowed from Gill Broussard who was trying to distance himself from the weirdness generally attached to Planet X. I certainly don’t blame them, but unfortunately the claims about 7X aren’t really any better or any different than what has come before. The name 7X is also supposed to represent that the planet is 7 times (or 7X) Earth’s diameter. I’m not convinced that calling it 7X makes the theory any more attractive or plausible, but whatever.

In any event, Combs gave us a few things in the interview to work with, which I’ll summarize and paraphrase here as best as I can.

First in the interview, Combs and Derek Gilbert discuss the perturbations of Neptune’s orbit as a sign Planet X is out there, without acknowledging that those perturbations do not exist with Voyager’s calculations of Neptune’s mass as mentioned earlier.

Strike 1.

From there the episode unfolds that Combs was trying to find evidence corroborating Noah’s flood and started getting into Planet X almost by accident. While I believe that the flood happened, I think that it happened so long ago and so changed the world that I don’t think it’s likely we will ever find evidence of it or the Nephilim (if there was anything special about them) it destroyed.

Here is a snapshot of a few of Combs’ claims along with my analysis:

  • MC – X could be so massive or have such strong gravity that it doesn’t reflect light, which is why we can’t see it now. .

Refutation – In Combs’ defense, he didn’t seem too attached to this theory, but seemed to be flirting with it. Bear in mind though, that even if X was not visible, it could still be detected by its interactions with the other planets, because it would perturb their orbit. It would also block out the stars behind it, so it could be observed in that way as well.

Interestingly, this is also contradicted by Combs’ later claims that X was clearly visible when it was recorded in the past as a comet or a supernova, and that it interacted with earth in negative ways. It can’t be invisible one moment and have no effect on the solar system as a whole, then suddenly become visible to earth and cause disasters there. If it affects Earth, it will affect everything else in some way as well. If it was bright enough to be seen as those objects, there’s no reason it would be invisible, at least when it got close.

In short, large, massive planets cannot sneak around unnoticed.

Strike 2.

  • MC – Many ancient cultures referred to 7X as the planet of the crossing.

Refutation – The only time I’ve heard of “a planet of the crossing was with Sitchin, and his work and this claim in particular is dealt with in Dr. Heiser’s work here. Strike 3. Let’s keep going though.

  • MC – When asked why we don’t see X, it hasn’t been reported by NASA, etc. Combs implied that there was a conspiracy, which is not all that different from what those in the New age/conspiracy realm say. Saying something along the lines of “if the power that be knew it was out there why would they disclose it?” risking panic, etc. He cited the movie “Deep Impact” as sort of a justification of why this would be kept under wraps.

Refutation – Except that as has been pointed out earlier and several times in this article, Chris White’s Planet X material, and Stuart Robinson’s material the powers that be CANNOT cover up the existence of a planet from independent amateur astronomers all over the world. The other planets and asteroid belt will react to the presence of another planet coming in to the inner solar system. Especially if it’s 7X larger than Earth. Further, if this had happened at any point in the past, there would be evidence for it in the orbit of the planets and asteroids.

  • MC – Combs puts 7X on a 360 year orbit! It has a 340 year orbit after the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ! This is a carry over from Broussard who mentions it in the interview linked earlier, though Broussard’s orbit fluctuates quite a bit.

Refutation – First, Combs gets credit for at least giving 7X a relatively consistent orbit. But, it’s one thing to claim that Planet X is on a 3600 year orbit. For the sake of argument, that’s maybe, MAYBE something that could be lost to history except in a few preserved texts. But to say that Planet X comes approximately every 360ish years is quite another. Human beings have been able to recognize comets and planets for hundreds and thousands of years. To say that an extra planet comes in every 360 years and there’s no explicit records of it, and no noticeable effects on the rest of the solar system is quite another. Combs does say there are records of it, but that comes in a moment.

No surprise, there are some logic problems to iron out. First, this 360 year orbit seems to be based on Sitchin’s 3600 year orbit, but Combs says in the interview that he dropped a zero, for reasons that aren’t clear in the interview, but it becomes clear when you become acquainted with Broussard’s work. He’s basically cleaning up Broussard’s data. Second, Combs’ other source for the origin of this orbit comes not from his own explicit observations of X, not from credible observations from any astronomers, but cherry-picked events in the Bible. Events which do not necessarily imply an astronomical event until you go into extrabiblical texts.

Events like :

Joshua’s long day and the hailstorm in Joshua 10, Zechariah and Amos in their books referring to an earthquake (because earthquakes don’t happen on their own…) and the several hours of darkness at the crucifixion due to X blocking the sun (after a 720 year absence no less). According to combs, these all are evidence that Planet X was at work behind major and minor biblical events.

While Joshua’s long day is hard to explain and probably impossible to prove astronomically, requiring rogue planets and such, if one accepts it for the miracle that it is, it becomes a lot simpler. Yeah, “God did it” is bad science, but it’s what the text says and if you can create the sun and the earth, I’m sure you can make them do what you’d like. Of two possible miracles, God used a perfectly timed Planet X to give light or modify the rotation of earth to give extra light, OR the Creator of the universe shirked the physical laws to keep earth from moving to provide daylight. Personally, I’ll take the greater miracle of God thwarting the physical rules that He created. As for the hailstones from Heaven, we don’t need a planet coming by throwing rocks at us, God is perfectly capable of changing the weather to suit His needs. Jonah being tossed into the sea and Jesus rebuking the storm are two instances in the Bible where God sovereignly took command of the elements, strangely Planet X is absent from those two events. God making extra large hailstones by commanding the weather is far more simple and doesn’t need space stuff to happen, because Earth’s weather is already capable of making hail, so God could easily tweak it enough to become fatal. Further exploration of this will be covered in Broussard’s section.

The tower of Bable was also mentioned and serves as the starting point for Combs’ orbit of X. Babel is reportedly 360 years after the flood of Noah where the previous visit of X happened, according to Combs. Looking at the 360 year (340 years after Jesus’ crucifixion) orbit cited by Combs, this event with Babel is seemingly based on an unsourced (in the interview), nonbiblical claim that the tower of Babel was destroyed by an earthquake, an event not even mentioned in scripture, caused by X. This was said to be about 340 years after the flood, and Combs stated that he got this earthquake and dating from the Book of Jasher. This is highly unfortunate, and also throws this evidence out, because the book of Jasher that we have today is a forgery from the 18th century.

“There is a book called “The Book of Jasher” today, although it is not the same book as mentioned in the Old Testament. It is an eighteenth-century forgery that alleges to be a translation of the “lost” Book of Jasher by Alcuin, an eighth-century English scholar. There is also a more recent book titled “The Book of Jashar” by science fiction and fantasy writer Benjamin Rosenbaum. This book is a complete work of fiction.

Another book by this same name, called by many “Pseudo-Jasher,” while written in Hebrew, is also not the “Book of Jasher” mentioned in Scripture. It is a book of Jewish legends from the creation to the conquest of Canaan under Joshua, but scholars hold that it did not exist before A.D. 1625. In addition, there are several other theological works by Jewish rabbis and scholars called “Sefer ha Yashar,” but none of these claim to be the original Book of Jasher.”

There’s nothing here that’s really worth investigating as a possible Planet X in the Bible, especially when the basis for its orbit is a forged ancient text.

  • DE – It’s worth noting that Combs thought Doug Elwell was knowledgeable about Planet X.

Refutation – Elwell was dealt with previosuly.


Moving forward a bit, similar to Elwell, I believe Combs mentions that Planet X played a role in the Great Flood, but beyond his claims of Planet X/7X randomly appearing in the Bible, he actually gives us a few other alleged historical observations of Planet X. Combs states that there was an ancient observation of a comet in 1486BC, the crab nebula supernova in 1054AD and a comet in 1744AD. All of these were not what we think they are today, but instead Planet X/7X.

The Comet of 1486BC

Combs mentions a comet in this year, and that it was documented by the Egyptians and the Chinese.

Either in the interview, or a public discussion with me on Facebook, maybe both, Combs mentions that this comet had ten tails and that it was much larger than the moon.

Not surprisingly, this has been the hardest claim to find. The least fringe mention of such a comet is a Wikipedia article that states Carl Sagan identified this ancient comet as 12P/Pons–Brooks which has an orbital period of 71 years. A far cry from 360. Unfortunately the source for this claim seems to be a somewhat fringe/new age book called “The End of Eden”, and I cannot find any other citation of Sagan saying this. I’m not saying he didn’t, I just can’t find a citation for the quote.

The same holds true for ancient observations of the 1486BC comet. There doesn’t seem to be anything out there on the Google machine or duckduckgo that isn’t a conspiracy-lite site or some sort of new age thing. Or a reference to said book. The new agey pictures of this comet actually look they are actually depictions of the Egyptian god Aten, one aspect of the sun god. The “tails” look to be rays though there are more than ten in some depictions.

It’s my opinion that this was not actually a comet, but the Egyptian sun god Aten unless further evidence can be produced. As far as Chinese observations of it go, again, more evidence is needed.


Guest Star of 1054AD

One of the observations of Combs’ 7X, and what sent Broussard on the trail of Planet X, was the supernova of 1054AD, the event which led to the creation of the Crab Nebula:

“The Crab Nebula is one of the most studied remains of a stellar explosion and is widely accepted to be due to a supernova seen in the year 1054 a.d. by Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Arab astronomers, who reported sighting a new bright star in the heavens. The star was so brilliant that it was visible even during the day for nearly three weeks and only faded from view nearly two years later.”

This view is longstanding and is supported pretty much across the board in the field of astronomy and is based upon the changing observations of the nebula expanding over the past few hundred years as well as the recorded astronomical observations of ancient China, amongst others. Spectroscopic analysis also concludes that the Crab Nebula is the remnant of a supernova.

The supernova was said to be visible as a bright star during the day for 23 days and was observable at night for the better part of 2 years. Quite interesting since no one can ever seem to find X today. If this had been Planet X, one would also think that changes to the positions of the other planets would have been noted, but such observations are not to be found, and there does not seem to have been any sort of catastrophe reported on earth during this time.

The claim by Combs that this was Planet X seems to stem from a few possibilities. 1) the alleged 7X seemed to be within our solar system, which seems to be based in part on the fact that 2) the “nova” moved throughout the sky while the crab nebula is more or less stationary.

This could easily be explained by the fact that due to primitive observation tools, even nebulae were often misidentified as comets in our system all the way up to when Messier labeled his nebulae in the late 1700s to keep from confusing the two. In other words it was not uncommon for nebulae light years away to fool some astronomers into thinking that they were small objects within our own solar system. The supposed movement of the object is another matter.

The apparent movement of the object as claimed by Combs can be accounted for by two at least two possibilities. First, while the Crab Nebula is where it always has been in the night sky, the constellations do move position in the night sky throughout the year, Crab Nebula is in the constellation of Taurus, so it moves with it.

Second, there is some confusion on the interpretation of the Chinese observations. These observations give different positions for the object, and interpretation of those positions is unclear. Because different positions are noted by the Chinese, modern day researchers erroneously conclude that this object was moving. However this ambiguity in position seems less because the object was moving around in our system and more because the Chinese units of measure and positions are in dispute. It didn’t move, people just don’t understand the observations correctly.

Combs is correct in the interview when he states that some serious scholars dispute that the Crab supernova/nebula was actually formed in 1054 as part of this event. Even so, the claims have been seriously investigated and the 1054 formation of the nebula due to supernova holds true. An excellent overview of the controversy can be viewed here. The 1999 document referenced by Broussard on Midnight Caravan (A Reinterpretation of Historical References to the Supernova of A.D. 1054) cites “problems associated with the Chinese reports, especially the position of the supernova relative to Zeta Tauri.” which Broussard and Combs use to build their case that the object moved. And the document Broussard references:

“was criticised by Stephenson and Green (2003). These authors insist that the problems with the Chinese and Japanese documents can easily be resolved philologically (as common copyists’ mistakes) and need not indicate unreliability of the Chinese observations”

And since the 2003 article has come forth, the 1999 article is not given much credible attention.

With that, it’s safe to assume that the alleged sighting of Planet X/7X in 1054 was actually the supernova that created the Crab Nebula, and there is excellent research presented above that has been tested to back that up. The Crab Nebula is the remnant of a supernova, plain and simple and its position lines up perfectly with Chinese observations in 1054. Challenges to those observations have not been able

If it’s not the remnants of the Chinese Guest Star of 1054, it’d be nice to know which other supernova it was.

Comet of 1744, aka  C/1743 X1, aka Comet de Cheseaux

To hear it told, this observation is one of the most exciting astronomical phenomena in the history of mankind.  Six tails coming from the object. Multiple observations of the comet around the globe for somewhat extended periods. It was observed by several European and Chinese astronomers, ship crews near Australia and Madagascar. Comet of the century, to be sure.

It was even said to make strange noises!

“Two Chinese astronomers have found old official records reporting that the Comet de Cheseaux, in 1743, produced audible sounds. This was one of closest cometary approaches on record. If the comet’s charged particles or magnetic field interacted with the magnetosphere, VLF waves may have been generated to produce electrophonic sounds at ground level.”

It’s no wonder Combs selected this as one his observations for Planet X. Even considering that it doesn’t exactly gel with his 340 year orbit after Christ. (It would be 2 orbits of 345 years since the 1054 event, which can be eliminated as an observation 7X anyways).

However, if it was Planet X, there are a few things worth noting. First, of the people who observed it above, some of whom were astronomers, not one of them thought it was anything other than a comet. Even when its brightness exceeded that of Venus and Jupiter.

“The comet’s brightness had increased to the second magnitude by December 21, as estimated by Jacques Cassini, who observed it from Paris. According to this observer, when seen through a telescope, it then resembled a nebulous star larger than Jupiter.”

Yet not one person identified as a planet, and if X is 7X earth’s diameter, this should have been easy to do. Either the astronomers back then were incompetent and couldn’t identify planets, or they did not observe Planet X/7X. If they were incompetent, we shouldn’t trust their observations in the first place. If they were competent, we should not find it hard to believe they did not observe X.

Second, there is not a single recorded incident of a planet having a tail. Mercury and Venus are near the sun and have no tail. Planets do not have tails. But comets do. Comets have tails because they are made up of dust and ice, ice which melts as it nears the sun. If a planet were to have a tail, astronomers have yet to observe the phenomena that would allow this.

This article examines what the object was made up of, and it’s seems to match pretty closely with what one would expect to find in a comet..

Then there’s the matter of this object coming close to earth and the sun. At the risk of redundancy, if X were as big and massive as it’s said to be, why didn’t it affect the asteroid belt or other planets? If it were a planet, Planet X, it would have. And if it would affected these things it would have been noticed. Recall that it was being observed pretty intensively by multiple astronomers. It’s inconceivable that they would have missed this object’s effects on the rest of the planets.

And the abnormally large and impressive tail? That may not have been as impressive as it seems.

“For many, the most interesting feature of this comet was the so-called multiple tail observed in early March. The best known observations are the ones made by de Cheseaux himself on the mornings of March 8 and 9. His classic illustration shows six complete tails rising up from beneath a weakly dawn-lit horizon, with dotted lines tracing what he believed to be the path of the tails beneath the horizon as they diverged from the comet’s head. The impression given has been likened to a Japanese fan. Each tail is drawn as a separate appendage and they are all given a slightly different curvature as they diverge from a common origin…

Nevertheless, we should remember that this drawing was only an impression of what he thought it would have looked like had the whole comet been visible. Neither de Cheseaux nor anyone else actually saw the comet looking like that. Nobody reported multiple tails when the entire comet was visible in the dark sky. The nearest to a multiple-tail system was the double tail reported on February 15; not at all unusual for a large comet. It is unfortunate that a number of more recent astronomy books have taken de Cheseaux’ drawing and given ‘artist impressions’ of what the supposed comet looked like against a dark sky. There are a number of these ‘impressions’ of a great six-tailed unfurling fan hanging resplendent in a nighttime sky, and it is easy to simply assume that it really did look like that. But as we read through the actual eyewitness descriptions of this comet, we find nothing that even hints at this popular characterization. What we find is the account of a spectacular comet with a large and strongly curved Type II dust tail.”


So rather than being an amazing six-tailed spectacle as is being claimed by 7X proponents, Comet de Cheseaux is most commonly reported by most of observations to have only two tails, well within the parameters of a large comet. Given that this object behaved like a comet and had no effect on the planets in our system, it’s safe to assume that this one was indeed a comet.

With Combs’ foundation for Planet X in the Bible being a fraudulent book of Jasher that expands upon cherry-picked events in scripture as well as misidentification of a well-known Egyptian symbol and at least two very well-known and studied phenomena, it’s safe to say that Mark Combs’ Planet X, aka 7X isn’t any more real than anyone else’s on this list. When it’s due to return according to the years and orbit he’s provided in 2084 – 2104, it’s probably safe to assume it will be as eventful as the 2012 – 2015 appearances of Planet X. If it’s to appear then, it should be en route to us and visible, affecting our solar system now.


Gill Broussard

Gill Broussard has been a hot commodity in the past few months having made the rounds on the fringe talk show circuit in recent months by more or less taking the Planet X mythos, and repackaging it as Planet-7X. Sometimes he calls it just 7X or P-7X. Sometimes he calls it Trevor (not really). He gets a little clever here by not only banking on the familiarity with Planet X, but using the X mathematically as “7 times”, because he says that his Planet X is “7 times earth’s diameter”. So he calls it 7X. It seems he also sought to distance himself a bit from the main Planet X theory because he says he’s basing his theory on science and on accounts in the Bible of 7X, and not whatever other methods everyone else has used up to this point.

The best source that I’ve found for Broussard’s claims was an interview on a Coast to Coast AM style show called “Caravan to Midnight” with John B White. The interview with Broussard is lengthy and here is a link to the document he references throughout. Broussard shares a couple claims with Mark Combs, namely the name 7X and the 1054AD event, but has more than enough independent claims that I had to give him his own section.


So how did Broussard get started on his Quixotic, giant-slaying quest? The supernova of 1054AD. An acquaintance of his turned him on to the idea of a mystery planet, and he found that the Chinese observations in 1054AD, among others, claimed that the bright celestial object moved around. This claim is dealt with in the section on Mark Combs, but the 1054 event seemed to have been enough to get Broussard looking into Planet X to disprove it.

From there, Broussard became convinced that Planet X was a thing and somehow was able to determine that in contrast to Planet X’s 3600 year orbit, 7X had an approximately 360 year orbit ( give 30 years or take 315 years) and that contrary to every other prophet of Planet X, he was able to actually find the evidence for it in Earth’s past. And wouldn’t you know it? It was in the Bible all this time!

Broussard’s document, thankfully free, breaks down just about every major event in the Bible (or at least all the highlights you remember from Sunday school) and says that these were not natural events or God Himself acting and judging within His creation, but rather all of these events are Planet X/7X, which I’ll use interchangeably.

Following is Broussard’s timeline of 7X in the Bible and after from his e-book. I’ll go through a few of the most important ones and also include my refutation after the claim. I’ll be paraphrasing Broussard from the interview and referencing his e-book. Before getting started, it’s interesting to note that he is missing two of the claims made by Combs. If it were the same object there ought to be some consistency in observations. It’s also interesting to note that Broussard’s Planet X/7X has a wildly inconsistent orbit, or at least causes bad things to happen on a highly irregular schedule. Sometimes it’s 47 years. Sometimes it’s 395, sometimes 275. It really just depends on which event is needed to sell the point, it seems. Most of the “observations” are in the 319ish range, but the inconsistency is rather confusing.

This range of inconsistency in orbits/events is never addressed by Broussard, except for the 47 year gap, which you will see shortly.

2349BC – Noah’s Flood, the Great Deluge.

GB – Noahs flood, there’s rain for 40 days and 150 days later a wind came as earth entered X’s debris field and got hit by an asteroid/meteorite. According to Broussard, this impact created the moon, and helped drain the flood waters. In the interview he states that the Moon has no core and no magnetic field, and that the lunar mare are caverns, and a result of where there wasn’t enough material to finish making the moon. His reasoning that the moon was created here at the flood is that the moon isn’t mentioned until Genesis 37 and the Deluge is the only real global catastrophe prior to that.

Refutation – Genesis 7 & 8 make no mention of a rogue planet or other celestial object causing the rain or causing the flood to recede. God Himself is listed as the cause of the flood, bringing rain presumably through weather manipulation, and using the fountains of the deep. As He remembered Noah, God sent the wind to deal with the waters, and the water gradually receded, probably draining into underground places, back into “the fountains of the deep”. Nowhere is it even implied that an impact happened, and it’s pretty explicit that God is very personally involved in the event. His personal involvement negates the need for a planet to do the heavy lifting.

As far as the moon being created here, nothing in the Bible supports that view and Broussard’s logic is faulty. For example, the sun is not explicitly mentioned until Genesis 15, but obviously was made before that. The Sun and moon were both pretty clearly made in Genesis 1, the sun being the greater light during the day, and the moon being the lesser for the night. Here it just sounds like he’s trying to fit the scientific origin of the moon into a biblical context and also tying that into his 7X theory. It’s also incredulous to think that Noah and his family would survive the large impact that created the moon, even if it were on the other side of the world and the world were covered in water.

As far as the moon having no core, no source is given in his interview, and what he means by this isn’t totally clear. For someone basing his case for 7X on science, he’s off to a bad start. The moon is believed to have a core very much like earth’s. The moon also has a magnetic field, contrary to Broussard’s claim, though it is admittedly very weak.

The mare regions of the moon are not caverns, or spaces where there wasn’t enough material to finish as is claimed, but rather “large, dark, basaltic plains on Earth’s Moon, formed by ancient volcanic eruptions. They were dubbed maria, Latin for “seas”, by early astronomers who mistook them for actual seas. They are less reflective than the “highlands” as a result of their iron-rich compositions, and hence appear dark to the naked eye. ”

In other words, this is not an incomplete area, but a completed area made up of different stuff than the rest of the moon.

Regarding his choice of dating Noah here, it’s unclear how he managed to date Noah and Babel which is up next. According to the NLT Life Application Study Bible that I have, both of those events are undated on the timeline. So Broussard is either citing some unknown and authoritative source or he’s making it up. Seeing as how he did not cite any source, I’ll have to assume the latter.

2016BC – The tower of Babel

GB – In his e-book, Broussard says “the top of the tower was burned, the base sank into the sand and the middle remained for all to see the destruction.” And “the tower was exceedingly tall. The third part of it sunk down into the ground, a second part was burned down, but the remaining third was standing until the time of the destruction of Babylon. Thus were the people dispersed over the globe, and divided into nations.” He also provides an aerial picture of the tower!

Refutation – this is not in the Bible itself, but rather in the Talmud. While this is probably a better source than Combs’ forged book of Jasher, it is not scripture, but the best attempt of the Jews to interpret the books of the Bible they had back then and since. There’s much more to it, but that’s not our concern here. What is our concern is that the Bible does not say what happened to the Tower of Babel, and referring to an extra-Biblical text doesn’t give us what actually happened, but probably someone’s guess from antiquity. Extra-Biblical texts and sources are not necessarily a problem in and of themselves, but they become problematic when they expand upon things in scripture or do not provide actual eyewitness facts.

Other than what the little that the Bible says about Babel, we don’t know much. This is really all there is:

Genesis 11:4 – 9

” 4 And they  said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower,  whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us  make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad  upon the face of the whole earth. 5 And the Lord  came down to see the city and the tower, which  the children of men builded. 6 And the Lord said,  Behold, the people is one, and they have all one  language; and this they begin to do: and now  nothing will be restrained from them, which they  have imagined to do. 7 Go to, let us go down, and  there confound their language, that they may not  understand one another’s speech. 8 So the Lord  scattered them abroad from thence upon the face  of all the earth: and they left off to build the city. 9  Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because  the Lord did there confound the language of all  the earth: and from thence did the Lord scatter  them abroad upon the face of all the earth.”

Anything beyond this information about Babel is speculation. The picture Broussard shows is likely not the actual Tower of Babel, no surprise. There is no way to verify his claim, but it seems unlikely that even the Jews in the exile period could say for certain what had happened to the tower and were likely told this when they arrived in Babylon, in my opinion.

2016BC – Sodom and Gomorrah

GB – Broussard also of course blames X for the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah in Genesis 19. To be fair, it certainly does sound like an impact event, one with incredible aim, but still an impact. He also holds to Lot’s wife turning into a pillar of salt, except explains it that she was vaporized and her shadow remained on a pillar of salt.

Refutation – Broussard is missing a key piece of information here. He has neglected to mention that prior to this in Genesis 18, the Lord and some angels met with Abraham to tell him of the impending judgment. Abraham bargained with the Lord to see if He would spare the city on account of righteous inhabitants. When none could be found, the angels go ahead to remove Lot and his family so judgment can proceed.

Verse 13 is key because the angels tell Lot that THEY will be destroying the city and they cannot do so until Lot is out of the city, and they mention it several times. Finally when the Lord (who was among the angels earlier) sends fire from Heaven (perhaps by way of the angels), Lot’s wife looks back and turns to salt. But no one else in Lot’s troupe does. If this were an impact event caused by X or something else, there’s no reason for one person to become salt and not anyone else. The fact that one person looked and died, and the people near her didn’t look and lived implies a supernatural event, and not an impact or nuclear explosion.

Broussard assumes because there’s fire from Heaven that an astronomical event has happened, and therefore Planet X/7x is to blame, but there are quite a few more instances of fire from Heaven, some he uses, some not, and not all of them are negative. In fact, several of them are God consuming a sacrifice with fire from Heaven as a sign of approval. Sometimes a person is supernaturally calling it down, which is not plausible if Fire from Heaven was a physical space object. It also stretches belief to claim that Fire from Heaven for destructive ends is related to Planet X and fire to accept a sacrifice is not addressed. In the Bible, clearly both are some sort of supernatural occurrence from God Himself, or something that He allows angels and some people to use on His behalf.

1793BC – The reign of Joseph

GB – There are two main claims that Broussard makes here.

First, that 7X came in this instance because in Genesis 37:9 there is the sun and the moon and 11 stars bowing to Joseph. Broussard states the word for sun means just “brilliant object” so it’s of course 7X.

The second thing is that the severe seven years of famine during Joseph’s reign under pharaoh was due to a drought caused by 7X. 3.5 years of drought before 7x comes towards earth and another 3.5 as it leaves.

There is a third claim related to the Sky Disk of Nebra having belonged to Joseph and being a record of this, but at this point it’s not worth addressing.

Refutation – The first point that’s wrong is the date of 1793BC for the time of Joseph and the famine/drought. The NLT puts Joseph’s reign as starting in 1885BC, about 90 years late and his death at about 1805BC much too early for the date Broussard gives. Another source puts Joseph’s reign somewhere in the 1897BC – 1843BC range. Again too early for Broussard’s date.

It’s really unclear how Broussard conjures his dates for the biblical events. It seems that he worked back from the guest star of 1054AD with a 300ish year orbit. Though his dates so far for the Biblical event is wrong, if the dates he gives are the correct dates for his 7X planet, then so far none of his biblical events can be proof of 7X because the dates don’t match what serious scholarship has determined biblical events to be.

So if his planet appeared on the dates he’s given, the Bible doesn’t back him up. And that’s one of his major claims, that the Bible provides some form of proof that 7X has visited us before, but he’s completely wrong on this point.

The second point Broussard gets wrong here is that Joseph’s report of the moon, stars and his “brilliant object” bowing to Joseph is 7X.

The biggest problem with this, is that this was not an astronomical observation that Joseph had made, but a dream that Joseph had had. A prophetic dream given by God, and it was to signify that one day his father (the sun) his mother (the moon) and his brothers (the stars) would bow to him, or be under his rule. This was later fulfilled exactly when he became right hand man to pharaoh.

The last point that’s wrong here is that Broussard is partially right about the Hebrew for sun here meaning “brilliant object”, he apparently didn’t take 5 minutes to check a Strong’s concordance or Blue Letter Bible to notice that  brilliant object is only the root, and the context and word itself is specific to the sun.


Original: ?????

Transliteration: shemesh

Phonetic: sheh’-mesh

BDB Definition:

sunrise, sun-rising, east, sun-setting, west (of direction)
sun (as object of illicit worship)
openly, publicly (in other phrases)
pinnacles, battlements, shields (as glittering or shining)
Origin: from an unused root meaning to be brilliant

TWOT entry: 2417a

Part(s) of speech: Noun

Strong’s Definition: From an unused root meaning to be brilliant ; the sun ; by implication the east ; “

With an incorrect date for Joseph, an incorrect understanding of the context of the dream Joseph had and an incorrect grasp of the symbolism and language used to describe the dream, Broussard’s 7X cannot be found in Joseph’s time.

1518BC – Exodus from Egypt

GB – Here Broussard claims that 7X played a part in the plague of darkness over Egypt just prior to the Exodus. Why it didn’t create droughts, he doesn’t say. Or maybe God just forgot to give us that clue…just another inconsistent effect that 7X has I guess.

The most outrageous claim here though is that on its way out after the exodus, 7X crashed into the dwarf planet Ceres, maybe it wasn’t a dwarf planet then, and created the asteroid belt. Through some as yet unexplained physical process, 7X then flew in the other direction and had a return flyby of Earth 47 years later to make Joshua’s long day and a hailstorm that killed the enemies of Israel, but not the armies of Israel. More of X’s impeccable aim, no doubt. X then somehow survived 2 short orbits around the sun, instead of crashing into it, and somehow reverted to its original orbit or something close to it.

Refutation – The most widely accepted date for the Exodus from Egypt is 1446BC, 72 years after Broussard’s pass by Planet X and alleged collision into Ceres. Again, if Broussard’s date for 7X is right, then it likely did not come during the Exodus. So again, the Bible does not offer proof of Planet X/7X.

In regards to the 3 days of darkness being caused by X eclipsing the sun, such an object is not needed to explain the event. Like the other miracles in the Bible, God Himself is very personally involved, He caused the darkness Himself supernaturally. Broussard even quotes the scripture for it in his e-book but neglects to address it. We know the darkness, like the other plagues, affected only the Egyptians while the Hebrews were unaffected. The Hebrews had light in their homes while the Egyptians did not. The same can be said for Joshua’s hailstorm, Israel escaped the hail unscathed.

Exodus 10:22 – 23

22 And  Moses stretched forth his hand toward heaven;  and there was a thick darkness in all the land of  Egypt three days: 23 They saw not one another,  neither rose any from his place for three days: but  all the children of Israel had light in their  dwellings.

If the darkness was caused by X, how is it that it was able to allow the Hebrews light, but not the Egyptians? If you go with artificial light via fire, the Egyptians could well have done the same. But the Egyptians had no light. There’s no way around it, this was a supernatural event and not an eclipse. I would submit the same theory for his claim about the 3 hours of darkness at the crucifixion. We’re not looking at an eclipse, but a supernatural event.

The last piece of evidence against this being Planet X is that on its way back out, Broussard says that X collided with and destroyed the planet Ceres and created the asteroid belt. Except that the asteroid belt was never an exploded planet as I’ve dealt with here. Basically astronomers can trace the orbits of many asteroids back to a hypothetical millions or billions of years even finding what groups certain asteroids had once belonged to long ago. None of these mapping attempts can show us a once whole planet. Further, the asteroid belt does not have enough mass to have been a planet.

As far as a Planet 7 times the size of earth colliding with another planet of indeterminate size, circling back to earth for Joshua’s long day, circling the sun twice and then resuming its original orbit or something close to it, that’s pretty much impossible. First, if two planets were to collide, depending on the size of both objects in relation to each other, BOTH would likely be obliterated. If 7X had collided with a planet near the asteroid belt, that would have been the end of 7X right there. If Ceres was much smaller than X, it would have probably just impacted like a meteor and X would have continued on without the alleged rebound.

There is pretty much no way X could have destroyed Ceres, created the asteroids, yet leave us the dwarf planet Ceres which is pretty much a perfect miniature planet AND THEN bounce a still relatively whole 7X back. If such a thing had happened and 7X was able to survive, it likely would have remained in the orbit of the asteroid belt, not bounce back, circle the sun twice and resume its original orbit. It is physically impossible. It’d be nice to see a simulation of this to show how absurd it is.

Roll two balls into each other, neither one ever resumes its original trajectory, let alone returns to its original speed.

With bad dating, an improper understanding of the asteroid belt and Ceres, and an improper understanding of basic physics (where no miracle is cited) it’s safe to conclude that 7X had absolutely nothing to do with the Exodus, Joshua’s long day, or the hailstorm in Joshua.

Instead, as the Bible clearly says, these events were supernatural. God personally intervened in His creation.

1335BC – Job’s Troubles &Drought of Naomi and Ruth

GB – Job’s family and property destroyed by fire from Heaven and wind,Naomi and Ruth on the other hand had to move and endure hardship due to their being a scarcity of food in their land. According to Broussard, both sets of events were caused by 7X, and happened at the same time.

Refutation – Getting Ruth and Naomi out of the way, a scarcity of food doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a drought and if it did, a drought is not evidence of Planet X. The Ruth 1:1 only mentions a famine, to say it was due to drought and that said drought was caused by 7X is an incredible leap in logic. Further, the book of Ruth is about much, much more, namely the concept of a kinsman redeemer which models Jesus Christ. The famine is a footnote setting the events in motion.

Broussard also gives a date of 1335bc, however Ruth is said to take place during the time of the Judges. The book of Judges was written 1045BC – 1000BC according to gotquestions? () and Ruth in particular was written 1011BC – 931BC. It’s believed to have been written after the events by Samuel the Prophet. The events in Ruth are unlikely to have taken place 300+ years before they were written as Ruth was King David’s great grandmother.

Job on the other hand was not even close to being a contemporary of Ruth. According to what I could gather in the NLT Bible, Job is believed to be the oldest book in the Bible, having been written perhaps in 2000BC – 1800BC. On top of that , job himself, some scholars believe,  was a contemporary of Abraham who lived in 2166BC– 2066BC range.

The Fire from Heaven in Job’s instance was delivered by Satan to relieve Job of everything he had as test of his faith, God permitted it. It had nothing to do with astronomical phenomena. Prior to its occurrence, Satan and God discuss the matter. Again, a supernatural event, and even if you don’t accept the biblical account, Planet X is not needed when there are asteroids that could do the job. Though if they were mere asteroids, their aim was impeccable yet again.

Neither story needs Planet X to explain it, and neither one matches the time Broussard gives for his visit by Planet X/7X. If Broussard’s planet had existed (and had survived Ceres ) and visited in 1335BC, Job and Ruth were not records of it.

So far Broussard’s timeline for Planet X’s visits have yet to coincide with a single time accepted by serious biblical scholars. Further, his understanding of what the Bible is talking about is flawed, and on top of that, there is no evidence for any of his astronomical claims. He has some claims about poleshifts in the past related to the aforementioned events, however he is so off base on the key points in those claims, it’s not worth investigating. If there were pole shifts, which seems unlikely, It wasn’t 7X.

More Recent Events

So moving on from his claims about 7X in the Bible, he of course has claims about the planet coming now. Here’s just a few from his interview.

GB – 7X entered solar system in the year 2000 and is in the region of the Voyager and Pioneer probes! Or at least it was in 1992, but Broussard says it’s causing droughts and earthquakes as it approaches. It is supposedly on its way.

Refutation – If a large body were on its way into the solar system, the other planets would be affected by this. See earlier links for details.

GB – 7x is same density as earth, but 7 times larger.

Refutation – He gives no evidence to back this up.

GB – The Planets are heating up, the sun is changing. Weird weather birds and animals dying. Exactly what we would expect from an inbound planet

Refutation –The planets actually are not heating up.

“The planets and moons that are claimed to be warming total roughly eight out of dozens of large bodies in the solar system. Some, like Uranus, may be cooling. All the outer planets have vastly longer orbital periods than Earth, so any climate change on them may be seasonal. Saturn and its moons take 30 Earth years to orbit the Sun, so three decades of observations equates to only 1 Saturnian year. Uranus has an 84-year orbit and 98° axial tilt, so its seasons are extreme. Neptune has not yet completed a single orbit since its discovery in 1846.”

“This is a round-up of the planets said by sceptics to be experiencing climate change:

  • Mars: the notion that Mars is warming came from an unfortunate conflation of weather and climate. Based on two pictures taken 22 years apart, assumptions were made that have not proved to be reliable. There is currently no evidence to support claims that Mars is warming at all. More on Mars…

  • Jupiter: the notion that Jupiter is warming is actually based on predictions, since no warming has actually been observed. Climate models predict temperature increases along the equator and cooling at the poles. It is believed these changes will be catalysed by storms that merge into one super-storm, inhibiting the planet’s ability to mix heat. Sceptical arguments have ignored the fact this is not a phenomenon we have observed, and that the modelled forcing is storm and dust movements, not changes in solar radiation.

  • Neptune: observations of changes in luminosity on the surface of both Neptune and its largest moon, Triton, have been taken to indicate warming caused by increased solar activity. In fact, the brightening is due to the planet’s seasons changing, but very slowly. Summer is coming to Neptune’s southern hemisphere, bringing more sunlight, as it does every 164 years.

  • Pluto: the warming exhibited by Pluto is not really understood. Pluto’s seasons are the least understood of all: its existence has only been known for a third of its 248 -year orbit, and it has never been visited by a space probe. The ‘evidence’ for climate change consists of just two observations made in 1988 and 2002. That’s equivalent to observing the Earth’s weather for just three weeks out of the year. Various theories suggest its highly elliptical orbit may play a part, as could the large angle of its rotational axis. One recent paper suggests the length of Pluto’s orbit is a key factor, as with Neptune. Sunlight at Pluto is 900 times weaker than it is at the Earth. Claims that solar system bodies are heating up due to increased solar activity are clearly wrong. The sun’s output has declined in recent decades. Only Pluto and Neptune are exhibiting increased brightness. Heating attributed to other solar bodies remains unproven.”


Besides, even if the planets were heating up, how is 7x heating them? Especially larger planets like Jupiter? X isn’t a brown dwarf as discussed earlier. For 7X to be causing all of the planets and planets larger than it to heat up, there would have to be some unknown and unexplained process at work.
GB – Broussard also says earthquakes are increasing as X approaches and that the Bible said so. The birth pangs spoken of by Jesus are announcing the return of 7X. He also claimed that the USGS stopped reporting and showing earthquakes after 2007, implying that the USGS was trying to cover up that X was coming.

Refutation – First and foremost, earthquakes are not actually increasing and haven’t been for a while as linked to earlier.

While I could not find the chart and data Broussard shows in his video interview depicting what he said was a chart showing an increase in earthquakes for the last 100 years (but his e-book says is an increase from 1997-2007) anyone can go to the USGS website and grab their earthquake data for all of the 1990’s and up through 2012, which is beyond the 2007 Broussard said was the date they stopped showing it. I know he’s wrong because I was looking into earthquakes as a prophetic sign all the way from 2007 – 2012 or so. There was also a link referred to earlier dealing with earthquakes.

Looking at the data fresh for this claim, there was not necessarily a regular or dramatic increase in earthquakes during this time. There was fluctuation between about 15,000 or so up to about 23,000, up and down from 1990 to 1999. From 1997 up though there WAS an increase from about 19,000 to a peak of about 31,000 in 2003. From there though, there has been an incredible decrease in 06 & 07, a slight jump in 08 to 30,000 again and then 09 – 12 a return to numbers like what we saw in the 90s with 2012 ending with only 15,000 earthquakes.

It’s my hunch that Broussard chose not to include the data since 2007 because earthquakes were declining, and thus do not support his point.

Even if earthquakes were increasing, that’s NOT what Jesus said.

“One writer states, “In the first century, Jesus Christ predicted an increase in earthquakes as a sign of His Second Coming” (Church 1994: 12).  He then proof-texts his point by quoting Matthew 24:7: “For nations will rise against nations, and kingdom against kingdom. And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places.” Note the passage only says there will be “earthquakes in various places.” It does not day there will be an increase. It is amazing how some prophecy teachers read into the passage something that is not there.”

When that time does come, when the signs start occurring, it’s because God is coming to judge quickly and without Christ, it’s too late. Knowing about a Planet X, real or imagined won’t save you, but knowing Jesus will.

The last claim by Broussard is that 7X will come in March of 2016 and that this is seal 6 & 7of Revelation. If you’re in the Ancient Aliens Debunked Facebook group, there is an event for it. Of course, Broussard has already hedged his bets for when Planet X doesn’t show up. His e-book states:

“Earth’s looming next near miss encounter with Planet-7X has a high probability to occur sometime in the year 2013 through the end of 2016…with special biblical emphasis on march 25/26, 2016.”

But of course, to confirm the date, 7X must be seen first. In hedging his bet, he’s listed possible visits all the way up to 2030. He already knows that Planet X isn’t going to show in 2016, or ever, but he needs to keep the carrot on the stick. If his Planet X/7X were a real object with a real orbit, it could be CALCULATED like every other object in the solar system that has been observed.

When looking at the claims of Gill Broussard, it seems he has ala carte latched onto several of the New Age theories he’s distancing himself from, he then misinterpreted a supernova in 1054 as a sighting of Planet X, came up with an approximate 360 year orbit that changes for no discernible reason and with no real data. From there, he’s cherry-picked events in the Bible and moved them from the historical context that serious scholars place them at to line up with the dates for his visitations by 7X. He’s also entered those same incorrect dates into “NASA-type” software to plot his inconsistent orbit for this planet. If Broussard’s dates are right, Planet X isn’t in the Bible. If the Bible does tell us about Planet X, then all of Broussard’s orbits and predictions are wrong. It’s definitely been demonstrated here that both his dates and understanding of Biblical events are wrong, so his predictions will come to naught.

In doing all of this, Broussard has not come up with anything different than any other Planet Xer, and has only revealed not only his ignorance of the purpose of the Bible and how to interpret it, but he has also revealed his utter lack of knowledge in regards to science as well. So despite his attempts to distance himself from the crazy theories of Planet X, he has only cemented his place among them.

Broussard is a strange animal though. With other planet xers, they have books or videos to sell. I’m not sure what his game is. I dont see a website with any real content. I didn’t see a book for sale, that’s probably coming though. His e-book mentions donations, and a small note about presentations, so maybe he’s hoping to make some money on the conference circuit. Maybe he, or spiritual powers behind him like as not, are just trying to keep milking the Planet X deception for all it’s worth. Perhaps it’s just an attempt to make fringe Christians latch onto Planet X or otherwise discredit the Bible.

In any event, his claims are wrong on just about every level imaginable, and anyone building their claims off of his are on a loose foundation of sand.



Wrapping up

Long ago, Planet X was a viable theory. There were phenomena that were thought to be happening, and there was no explanation for it. But science continued on, and found the explanation, and it further went on to perform a very thorough search that more or less ruled out the possibility of a brown dwarf in our system for an extremely long way out. We’ve also ruled out any other planets on a collision course with Earth or the inner solar system. The orbits of everything in the solar system agree that there is no Planet X/7X, and certainly no planets threatening Earth. Even possible recent theories of Planet X (non-brown dwarf variety) do not place them as a threat to Earth and aren’t even a certainty at this point.

This didn’t stop the New Age from building on inaccurate translations and deceptive messages, but, those too amounted to nothing. Every prediction of Planet X’s appearance has failed to occur, and excuses abound.

Oddly, a few people have put a Christian spin on old scientific data, the work of Sitchin and the New Age claims, and have squished Planet X into the Bible, in passages that had nothing to do with Planet X, or even astronomical phenomenon. The reasons for this aren’t clear, though a motivation to sell books is one motive. Deliberate deception or even innocent misunderstanding and poor research are all possible answers as to why Christians are promoting Planet X/7X.

There is no Planet X out there. Planet X has never come in to the inner solar system. The Bible is God’s message to man about our sin problem and how to come to Him for salvation in Jesus Christ, not an astronomical observation story about Planet X/7X. X is not coming. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It was due in 2003, 2012 – 15 and now claims are staked out to 2030. How much more can this fear porn be milked?

No wild wandering planets are coming to threaten earth.

Unknown comets and asteroids on the other hand…



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