The blogs here have become more and more infrequent.

There’s a number of reasons for this, but the shortest explanation is that it takes a long time to research some of this stuff, analyze it and put it together into something that’s hopefully readable for you. Also, I have a (kind of sort of) full time job, various social/familial obligations, other writing projects and things like that. So, this blog is kind of a hobby/ministry project that I get to when I can or feel a special burden to write about something.

But I hope you enjoy what has been put up thus far.


I’d like to mention a few things for you now though:


1) You may have noticed there are no comments on this blog. Mainly because 99% of them are spam or worse. I did create an Ancient Aliens Debunked Facebook group a while ago, and you can ask to join it. People with inappropriate profile pics will not be admitted.

Any spam will get you kicked out, as will being a jerkface. Harsh language is best used in the event of a xenomorph infestation, so please don’t use it in the group. You can bring up a contrary viewpoint (ie a pro ancient alien) if you want, but it will be debunked. If not by me, then by someone in the group, because there’s some sharp people in the group. So don’t cry if that happens. I hope it’s a place where you readers can discuss ancient aliens and/or debunking. Have fun, and don’t run with scissors.


2) When I first started writing these blogs, Chris White had mentioned the possibility of an AAD book.  I want to do one, kind of, but it is a huge undertaking. As you can see from infrequent posts, my time to do such a project is limited. Plus it’s kind of overwhelming. Just not sure what to put in there, or how to organize it. So if you even want an Ancient Aliens Debunked book of some sort, let me know in the Facebook group. I would probably include some of these blogs, but from there, who knows. At any rate, it’s not high on my list, but I’ve gone back and forth on it.


3) This is probably the only time I will mention this. While we don’t sell any books (see #2) or DVDs (the AAD movie is free online) there is a donate button. I don’t want to guilt you into it, and in fact prefer that you give money to your local church or an organization that actually gets God’s Word and the Gospel out like Thru The Bible. But if you want more blogs and/or an AAD book, I won’t lie, money would help in obtaining materials (I actually do have many books to go through already), facilitating travel or justifying the time spent on writing these blogs. Again, there is no pressure here and I prefer to give the data out for free when I am able to and when I feel a burden to do it.

Unless you’ve hit the lotto or you’re incredibly rich and want to invest in this or other writing projects. Then reach out to me right away.

Probably the best way to support me though would be through prayer, specifically to ward off discouragement in writing overall, and for my vocation as my job situation has been less than ideal for several years. Don’t get me wrong, I’m working at a decent job and there’s people worse off than me, but if I have a job that pays similarly but gives me vacation and sick time, I don’t mind continuing to do this blog on the side. I enjoy it sometimes. Like on MST3K, they kind of make the best of the bad movies. I try to do the same with bad research of the ancient world. But not as well.


4) Thanks for reading the blog, and this one in particular.