Book Review: Chariots of the gods

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“Chariots of the gods” Theme music by the Peter Thomas Orhestra   The “groundbreaking classic” 1999 edition of Erich von Daniken’s (sorry, no umlauts today) “Chariots of the gods” helps to keep the ancient astronaut theory’s 1960’s fire burning for a new generation. This tome is perhaps the most influential book of its kind, mainly because it popularized the ancient alien theory for an entire generation, as well as a very large audience. As if that wasn’t enough, it also inspired...

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None Shall Pass: The Black Knight Satellite

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As odd as it sounds, a large majority of purported evidence for the ancient alien theory is engraved in stone. Giant stone blocks. Primitive stone carvings. If we’re lucky, sometimes we get questionable metal artifacts. But, why haven’t the aliens left us anything…I don’t know…more alien? Like a giant ship full of giant robots? Why not a holographic message? Maybe metal engravings that don’t corrode? Perhaps lasers or engineering diagrams? Or an orb? Why is it that the proof of ancient aliens is mostly...

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Our Wacky Solar System: Planet X and the Theories That Love Him

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Is it out there? Planet X? Nibiru, or any of a dozen other names? Science has sought it out for more than a century. Dozens have claimed that it’s coming towards Earth. Yet, where is it? Over the past several decades, Planet X has been promised to be in the far reaches of our system or scheduled to come towards Earth. Yet, every time it was supposed to appear, it has failed to do so. But like a bad horror movie cliché, the threat of Planet X is bound to rise again, and people will likely claim it’s headed in any day to wreak havoc upon...

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Our Wacky Solar System: Mars and the Ruins of Mars

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The planet Mars needs no introduction as a possible candidate for harboring alien life, or for capturing the imagination of man. Many have opined that Mars has always held a special fascination for mankind, and thus now to humans looking for ET, Mars has rarely been left out of such conversations. Even though explorations of twentieth century space probes have yet to definitively prove any life exists or has existed there. Of course, this lack of proof hasn’t stopped people from claiming Mars was once full of intelligent life, and...

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Our Wacky Solar System: Rahab, Krypton, Phaeton, Maldek and the Asteroid Belt

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One of the more recent ideas becoming popular, not so much in the ancient alien camp, but in fringe Christian theology, is the idea that the asteroid belt was a planet that was destroyed as a judgment from God. Ancient alienites and New Agers put a slightly different spin on it, if they accept it at all. This planet, sometimes called Rahab, Phaeton, Maldek and sometimes Krypton, is billed as a planet that Satan actually ruled at some point in the distant past. There may be other names, but for simplicity’s sake, Rahab it is. Satan and a...

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These Pipes Are Clean!

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  The Baigong pipes first came to my attention perhaps ten years ago in a book that was allegedly about time travel. The book outlined a number of “OOPARTS” (out of place artifacts) and presented them as evidence that time travelers have physically visited earth in the past. The book then became a treatise on how to perform rituals and meditations to achieve an out of body experience to reportedly travel freely in time. There was no real attempt to explain how “astral” travel would produce physical evidence for...

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Recent Interview

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I recently had the pleasure and honor of being interviewed on “Like Flint Radio” with GK. We discussed a few of the blogs here and chatted for a bit beyond that off air. I hope you enjoy it. Check out the interview and be sure to give their other shows a listen as they are well worth your time. Shows often include a Greek spot with GK which gives a better understanding of the original New Testament language, Crusy’s discernement corner which tackles heresy in the...

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Another Bone to Pick…With Peruvian Nephilim/Alien Hybrids

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  Say the word “nephilim” at church and you’ll most likely be met with blank stares. Type it into any Christian internet or Facebook forum and you’ll ignite a firestorm of debate, name calling and one-up-manship more intense and ridiculous than the Easter Egg Hunt in “Ready Player One”. And less entertaining too. If you utter or key in the phrase amongst UFOgists, you’ll probably just get “aliens!” I had been planning to do a blog about alleged nephilim/alien skulls for a while, but...

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A Bone to Pick with the Starchild Skull

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“Never be afraid to mislabel a product.” Rule of Acquisition #239 “A false balance is abomination to the Lord:  but a just weight is his delight.” Proverbs 11:1 Back in the late 90’s, the Starchild skull came into the public eye when Lloyd Pye presented it as evidence of ancient contact with aliens. What it was doing prior to that is anyone’s guess, but it most likely was collecting dust in a closet somewhere. At first glance, the enlarged skull does look similar to what one would expect an alien, or at...

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